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MacBook Pro Software Update 1.1

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Aug 9, 2007.

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    Apple has released yet another software update. The MacBook Pro Software Update 1.1 was released today:

    This update provides important bug fixes and improves stability with Motion 2 and Motion 3. It is recommended for all 2.2/2.4GHz MacBook Pro models.

    It requires Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later.

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    GPU driver updates surely?
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    If apple wouldn't be so secretive with the content of these updates, we would know be able to know whether to wait for bugs to be fixed in firmware/driver updates or to keep trolling.
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    Given the way that Motion is so GPU-based, and the latest crop of MacBook Pros have had their share of GPU driver issues, I'd say yes. Someone want to inspect the installer package?
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    GeForce8xxxGLDriver is dated August 1, 2007, so most certainly the graphics drivers were updated.
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    Updating here although I haven't encountered any problems with Motion 2, but the updates are welcomed.
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    Does it help with Motion ??? Pls anyone with courage install the update :cool:

    I would as well go ahead but am I currently posting my first iMovie 08 to youtube. This thing is fantastic. OK- off topic.
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    It appears to affect the NVidia GeForce, OpenGL, and it replaces the translate binary, which is Rosetta. Now you know :)
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    Show Package Contents and then unarchive the files.
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    I guess that'll improve PowerPC OpenGL performance as well.
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    But its only a Macbook Pro update. I don't see how it would affect the PPC OpenGL.
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    Ah, see, that's helpful.
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    umm...this might just be a coincidence but anyone else experiencing extreme lag? System wide lag at that. Everything from Safari to iTunes is lagging. I have a 2.2 C2D and according to iStat Pro my cpus are 87% idle. This began the restart after installing the update. The gpu couldn't cause this could it? Most likely the install went wrong and messed up some files on HD right?
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    Do you have .Mac? When my iDisk (synced locally) was changing it's size to the new 10gb size, my whole system slowed down DRAMATICALLY, without a noticeable increase in CPU usage. After it was done, everything was back to normal.
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    This one updates the same files as the MacBook Pro Software Update 1.0 -- more OpenGL, nVidia driver and Rosetta updates.

    Specifically, the update looks like it contains new versions of these files...
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    Damn right. I'm not a Motion user so why on earth do they still recommend that I download this?

    Please provide some better writeups, Apple! This is just insulting.
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    Nope, don't have .Mac. Well i just repaired disk and repaired permissions and everything is back to normal. So i'll just file this under "slightly annoying and unnecessary but no big deal overall". Thanks for you help though, wouldn't have thought .Mac would've been my problem if i had it.
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    Old wisdom seldom goes out of style. "If it ain't broke..."

    Macfixit.com is a reliable indicator of the wreckage that Apple now inflicts through updates. Let the Polyannas rush to download, wait a day or two and see if they come back with tears in their eyes.
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    I had the same problem. After repairing permissions though, everything seems to be back to normal.
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    As software is generally always broken, it just tends to get a little less broken over time after numerous patches, I would substitute that for a better saying:

    "If it weren't broken, there wouldn't have been a fix" :D
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    Software tends to do alot of things as it ages. Bugs get fixed, features get added, and... new bugs are introduced. Such is the nature of the beast.

    "If it ain't broken, don't fix it" is a valid idea to keep in mind before doing an update. If the write ups are poor, I'd think improving that'd make everyone happier.
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    a lot of updates lately. this doesn't apply to my macbook pro though
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    Safari is snappier.

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