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MacBook Pro Speed Bump

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, May 16, 2006.

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    In addition to the MacBook introduction today, Apple has quietly bumped the specs of its MacBook Pro line, leaving pricepoints unchanged.

    The lineup currently stands as:
    15.4" 2.0Ghz Core Duo, $1,999
    15.4" 2.16Ghz Core Duo, $2,499
    17" 2.16Ghz Core Duo, $2,799

    Customers are also now able to custom-build their MacBook Pro with a glossy screen at no additional charge.
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    End-Users/Apple are finally realizing the advantages of Intel...
  3. MRU


    As I said they would.
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    what is a glossy screen?

    haven't heard of this
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    It's nice to see that Apple is stepping up the pace with respect to its updates now that they are an Intel shop. Hopefully we will continue to see frequent speed bumps, etc. like this. To compete with the likes of Dell, etc., Apple pretty much has to - updates every 6 months simply doesn't cut it anymore. :cool:
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    but still no FW800 or DL DVD burner support on the 15"
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    My MBP is obselete already :( I'm really intrigued by those Black MacBooks this thing might go on eBay soon once i read some reviews!
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    As was pointed out in this thread (beat you Macrumors :p), there have also been price cuts on the 17" model in some jurisdictions. For example, in Oz, the price has dropped from $4599 to $4399...
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    Is there a drive that does this that fits in the 15" case yet? I thought the only reason the 17" got this was because the trackpad didn't sit over the drive (so there was more room for a bigger drive)?
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    :( bought the 1.83ghz version 3 weeks ago, now im wanting 2.0ghz and the shiny screen
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    Well, as a 1.83 owner, I admit to some disappointment, but hey, life's tough in the aluminum siding business.

    I'm happy to see that updates in the intel era won't be limited to 6 month or longer major releases, but will in fact be updated to keep up with the bleeding edge of technology. Good job Apple!

    I am also pretty intrigued by the glossy screen that Apple is offering. I love the colors on that style of screen in general, but always feel like they suffer from quite a lot of glare. I'm nto sure which I would have picked had there been a choice when I bought!

    I'm feelin' for you, I'm in the same boat exactly!
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    do u think some of my defects that i have not sent in for repair yet can be traded for a new glossy one :p :D
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    You might be able to use Apple's trade-in program or up-to-date or whatever it's called to get the new 2 GHz one
  14. Guest

    so glossy or not glossy? Im getting my mbp replaced,lol. Maybe they added that cool right click thing also?
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    Nice move Apple

    I have to commend Apple for another round bumps with no charge. I do however feel for those who have already purchased MacBook Pros.
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    guzhogi, whats this trade in u talk about?

    ibble9012, how? :p are u in the two week period, or just out of it and complaining a lot :p
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    2.0 ghz Macbook nearly as good Spec as MBP

    Is it just me that noticed that the 2.0ghz MacBook has nearly the same specs speed wize as the 2.16 MBP. Granted it is nice that the consumer laptop is that nicley priced but is is absurd that the MBP came out costing as much as it did. What are the benefits of the MBP at this point other than the screen and the hard drive. The 15'' MBP is pretty much obselete right now and I could not see anyone paying the money for that computer.
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    UK prices have gone up by £100 on each model.:rolleyes: :confused:
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    I can't say I've ever heard of this.... What is it?
  21. Editor emeritus


    two words: dedicated video
  22. Guest

    Ok, My replacement MBP order was changed, but what actually got changed? lol, maybe a model without whine, with right click? what does "no Optional SW" mean in the top order?

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    glossy screen = designers nightmare...:p
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    dedicated video + bigger screen + backlit keyboard (although minor, it come out handy, using it right now)
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    Graphics Card on MacBooks!!!

    Ok I now see a huge difference that graphics card on the MacBook is an Intel... Ehhhh... More $ to get the Nvidia.

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