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Macbook Pro SR LED 4GB RAM 2.2/120 + incase sleve and Speck See-through $1775

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by taylorwilsdon, Jan 8, 2008.

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    Hopefully this is a good price. I want $1775 (these got cheap, fast!)

    Shipping would be ontop of that price. This lists at $2000 + ram. Its in basically new condition, I just had it taken in for a checkup by Apple. Has box, sealed remote, dvi>vga, charger, original box. Also includes a black 15'' Incase sleeve made for the Macbook Pro as well as a 15'' Speck See-through hard case.

    Speck is basically new I put it on and took it off. Not my style. Incase is used but in great condition.
    For an extra $30 I will throw in a new style Aluminum bluetooth keyboard (won't sell seperate though).

    Has applecare until next year. Comes with Leopard.

    edit - forgot to mention that I have lots of sales here including a few Macbook Pros. Total macrumors sales total $10000+
    heatware/ebay feedback under taylorwilsdon
    Payment by Paypal if its convenient but I would really prefer a postal MO or personal check to save me fees :)

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    I think $1750 is too high. Would you do $1,500 shipped? The Apple refurb has it for $1699. Stuff usually doesn't go for more than the refurb store. The 4gb RAM is out there somewhere for about $80
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    if you want to offer 1500, then bid on it. 4 gigs of ram is 80, correct, but you cant dock it 200 bucks after he put a 50 dollar case and 80 in hardware improvement on it, plus a sleve. good luck on selling taylor.
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    not to mention you dont have to pay the ~$200 in taxes.
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    Ya I put it on craigslist and have got 3 people in line to buy it for 1800. I also have a lady off ebay (200 feedback no nigeria junk) willing to pay BIN if nobody picks up.

    Anyone with one of these don't deal with the lowballers go to CL.

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