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MacBook + Projection TV

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by macrockbuddy, Feb 24, 2008.

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    I just purchased my first mac from apple's online store & feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning to come. But I bought the cables and everything to hook it up to my old school big screen TV. I just wondering if anyone's had any luck doing this w/ older projection TVs
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    As long as it has RCA, DVI, or VGA it should work fine. I've used my PowerBook several times on projectors at work and school and have had no problem. I've also used it on my aunts older projection TV and her newer projection HDTV. On the older projection screens they used to warn about burn-in with Nintendo games (because some have stationary backgrounds, or don't move when on pause), if you are worried about that, then I'd suggest NOT using it in clamshell mode (as that would put the stationary menu-bar on the screen) and set the background to change often.

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    I've heard that text is going to look blurry and basically unreadable. So would it be futile to try and get on the web while its hooked up to the tv? Thanks yall
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    Not sure if you are referring to...

    projection TV or a 40" LCD Sony Bravia or a 26" LCD Sony Bravia, which is what I have. I've utilized my MacBook on several occasions and found the internet to be awesome. I've also hooked up to the old school projectors at school, while on the internet and it was fine. It didn't matter whether it was 20' from the screen or 5' from the screen, it was an awesome view and not at all blurry. :cool:
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    thanks for the quick reply. Do I need to fuss w/ the resolution of the screen on the MacBook or anything of the like. Once I get it I'm sure I can figure it out. Just trying to get ahead of it all. Thanks again
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    Nope, no adjustments...

    the MacBook will automatically adjust to the projector. No need to fiddle with the screen size, the MacBook will choose the best screen for each TV or projector. :cool:

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