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MacBook running with lid closed battery in or out?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by arcsbite, Aug 12, 2006.

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    my MacBook arrived this morning, I have it set up with my Dell 2405 and run it with it's lid closed.

    My questions are.

    Does anyone else run it closed? is this safe? the instructions say I can, just don't want anything to burn.

    Secondly, if you own a macbook, or any laptop really, when it's set up on your desk and hooked up to the power outlet, do you leave the battery in or run it without?

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    It'll run fine closed.

    It'll also run fine without the battery, but you run the risk of getting the battery compartment dirty, or, more importantly, shutting the computer off if the magsafe detaches (not unlikely).
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    There's not much change of the magsafe coming out the way the machine is set up here.
    the reason I ask is, I don't mind leaving the battery in, I think I'd prefer to, but it's very hot and it's only been plugged in a few hours, I used to run my iMac 24/7 and I didn't want to overheat everything.
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    Don't worry. The battery is only hot when charging, and if you keep it plugged in 24/7 it will stop charging at 100% and then cool down.

    Remember to calibrate your battery at least once a month to keep it fresh. Apple even has an iCal reminder on the battery pages for you. :)
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    after only ever using desktop machines I had no idea about battery calibrating.
    thanks so much for this :)
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    I run my macbook closed all the time hooked up to an external LCD. Heat isn't too much of an issue as most of it is piped away from the LCD anyway.

    I wouldn't remove the battery while it's plugged in. There's a lot of complex circuitry to prevent the battery from overcharging. Plus I knock my magsafe out all the time when I'm moving it around, I wouldn't want to cut the power like that.
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    Running without the battery in the MB has been reported to make it run at 1Ghz

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