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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Jbook, Aug 21, 2006.

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    Just got my sister a white macbook about a month ago. It just randomly shuts down (not sleeping) after boot up, sometimes 30 seconds, other times 5 minutes. it happens all the time though. Whats wrong? Ive run two hardware tests and they say nothing is wrong. what do you think? Ive messed with the energy settings but it still does it. sorry for this sloppy post im in a hurry.


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    send it in for repair or get it replaced.
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    mad jew

    Yeah, hopefully they'll just replace the battery. This seems like a bit of a common problem for the new machines. :(

    Of course, back everything up before sending it off just in case. :)
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    No, not the battery. Logic board for most people. Unless this only happens when on battery, but most have found it on either power source.
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    it happens even when plugged in, so is this a logic board problem?
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    You need to read a few more of threads here as there are dozens (hundreds?) of posts about this problem.
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    macbook shutting down

    I had the same problem with my black macbook.
    shut down suddenly.
    called applecare
    same problem continue
    went to the applestore today
    they said they will replace the logic board
    they said they had a similar case with a macbook
    they said they would not replace my macbook with a new one.
    should I insist for replacement ??
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    mad jew


    Sure, it's most likely the logic board but some simple battery replacements have been successful too. Hopefully it's a bad battery in this case because that's cheaper/quicker and less intrusive. :)

    A replacement logic board should suffice at this stage but demand a replacement machine if you still have problems afterwards. See how it goes for now though. :)
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    MacBook shut down AND restart trouble

    I bought my daughter a MacBook (white) for college 3 weeks ago. Right away it started shutting down and/or restarting at random. Five calls to AppleCare and one trip to CompUSA and still no progress. Applecare keeps trying to "help" me fix it by resetting PRAM, reseating the RAM and updating the OS to 10.4.7. But nothing helps yet. When we went to CompUSA the Mac Tech there said "Oh, that's an overheating problem."
    Anyone hear about overheating causing this trouble?

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