Macbook superdrive "sticking"

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by riko, Jul 7, 2006.

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    Hey guys

    I seem to be having some trouble with my superdrive and before I call apple or try to find an authorised service centre (anybody know of any good ones near glasgow?) I thought I would run it by you guys to see if it really is a problem.

    Basically the superdrive seems to have some trouble inserting/ejecting discs some of the time. When I try to insert a disc the edge nearest the back of the macbook is *very* tight. So much so that the disc tends to stick and rotate in towards the front rather than going straight in centrally (if you see what I mean :confused: ). When I try to eject it usually doesnt eject as much as normal but its enough for me to pull it out. To fix this I usually partially insert a disc and press down lightly towards the back of the macbook where it is sticky. This frees up the mechanism and the discs will go in/come out normally (well what I believe is normal as this is my first mac). I have had my macbook since the begining of June and it has really only occured twice. Most other times the drive is fine.

    So is it normal for the drive to be "tighter" at one side (maybe this is how it grabs the disc?) or should I have it looked at? Im slightly disappointed its my first mac and I want it to be perfect (i can live with the occasional mooing).


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    Seems like the drive and case are slightly misaligned. On every mac with a slot loading drive that I've owned or used the discs insert and eject easily. In fact I was always afraid that my wife G5 iMac at work would launch and ejected disc across the room. As long as you have not dropped the computer on that particular corner :rolleyes: I would call Apple or better bring it to an Apple store and demonstrate the problem. Good luck. :)
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    Yeah it does seem that it could be misaligned. maybe higher at the back where its sticking. I'd love to take it to an apple store but there are none in scotland. the only authorised service centre i know of does not come highly recommended. My friends ibook came back worse than when it went in! Apparently apple are refusing to pay the shop for the service as they will not provide a list of repairs carried out. Looks like its the support call centre.
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    Hi, Did anyone get any further with this issue? I've tried adjusting the alignment temporarily with a piece of card on top of the drive to lower the front. This does not appear to work.

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