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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by NatPro, Nov 2, 2006.

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    i am trying to connect my macbook to my ibook with my ethernet cord.
    but every time i try to connect, my macbook seems to freeze and i get the spinning beachball..
    any ideas?
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    Have you connected either computers via ethernet to a different system before?
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    If you're connecting the same cable to both computers, then you probably need a crossover cable, a special kind of ethernet cable. It looks just like regular cables, but the connections on one end are reversed.

    It might be a good idea to pick up a cheap network switch. Then you can use regular ethernet cables.
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    No, there's no need on non-vintage Apple laptopts. The ethernet cards reconfigure themselves if you connect two computers directly with non-crossover ethernet cables.

    That's not the issue, although there is the possibility that the cable is faulty. Try a different one...
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    i had them both connected seconds before this started happening.
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    So the MacBook CAN connect to other ethernet networks?
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    it sure can.
    but for some reason it wont do it now... ill leave it over night and have a go at it later.. hopefully it will work:cool:
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    You could always start the iBook up with Target Disk Mode over FireWire if it has a FW port as a last resort...

    Just an idea... :)

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    That will obviously only work for file transfer though. If the OP is trying to do something like LAN the two for development or internet sharing purposes, it won't work. However, if all he/she wants to do is just transfer files between them, then it's the best option :)
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    just transfer files atm
    (im a he)
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    Hi He :D

    Yeh, running the computer you want to fetch the files off in Target Firewire Disk mode should do the job nicely. :) You'll need a firewire to firewire cable, and as long as the iBook has firewire, it should work. Connect the two laptops together, with the MacBook already started up. Start the iBook up and before the Apple logo appears, press and hold T. It should then start up into the correct mode, and just display a logo on the screen.

    The iBook's hard drive will then appear on the desktop of the MacBook, and you can simply drag files across :) .

    When you are finished, you MUST drag the iBook hard drive from the desktop of your MacBook into the trash, or eject it. You could lose all the data on the iBook if you don't :(
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    sweet, thanks for your help. ill give it a go and if it doesnt work, ill get back to you
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    Hello all. Here is mt problem. I just bought a MacBook and want to transfer files from my old, broken iBook. But my MacBook has nofirewire socets. So how do I get Migration Assistant to work. Please help.

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