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Macbook Unibody !!CRACKED SCREEN!!

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by alex.m90, Nov 14, 2008.

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    So, I was walking down the stairs yesterday when I tripped on my dog and dropped my laptop down the stairs.. oh dear:eek:. At first I wasn't too bothered as it was in its Neoprene Sleeve and it only fell down about 3 steps, so I carried on as usual

    About 3 hours later I got out my laptop, turned it on, and it wasn't until it had booted up and started safari that I noticed the huge crack/chip in my beloved macbook's "all glass" display. There were 2 chips in the upper left of the screen, and the cracked stretched all the way from there to about every other place imaginable on the screen, here are some images...


    So.. I am now half way through making a claim on my home insurance, as the apple genius was having none of it (not that I expected him to but it was worth a try) and I now know that it truly is bad luck to cross on the stairs :p

    Cheers - Alex, 1 damn upset macbook owner
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    Ouch :( I'm really sorry about that, good luck.
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    Oh the joys of covering a flexible surface with glass. I'll never understand that design decision.
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    ANY laptop could be damaged after dropping it down some stairs. I don't
    think the new screen design had anything to do with it.
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    Warning: Dropping Your Laptop Down A Flight Of Stairs May Damage It
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    why is ur screen so dirty
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    I do apologize for the dirty screen, it has mainly been people at college prodding the cracks, and the apple genius and his manager were also havin a good old poke at it, and if i clean it, little chards of glass fall of, so I have been a bit reluctant.. so once again, i am sorry
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    Check your credit card to see if it has accidental damage protection (usually up to 90 days from date of purchase) and use that instead of filing a claim with homeowner insurance, which may hurt you in the long run.
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    Hmm, sorry I sorta find the OP's story suspect. It's interesting that he fell down the stairs and his brand new Macbook fell down 3 levels of stairs and he never even checked it as soon as the accident happened. If my brand new notebook tripped down the stairs the first thing I am going to do is check it to make sure it didn't receive any damage, the OP waited 3 hours later??
    Also the glass plate is cracked, you mean to tell me you didn't notice that until after you booted up the computer and and launched Safari??? Interesting.:confused:
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    I agree, but its still annoying, and you still have to be carefull..

    Not three levels, three acctual stairs like each acctulall step, and also you can only really notice the cracks when the screen is a lighter, and I dont tend stare at my laptop when it is turning on, I wipe the keboard or something, its more productive:D

    Unfortunatly it was a debit card :(
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    Sorry to hear that that happened to you, why Apple went with glass is beyond me. Good luck filing for the repair.
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    OUCH... Even looking at that hurts. :eek:
    Did the Genius check to see if anything else is damaged inside?
    I agree with the last poster... You drop your MB and dont check it out right away? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!? Were you thinking... " Oh it's just 3 steps, it won't hurt it a bit!" ;) lol....
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    I am only posting this in case anyone was interested, and the warning thing was just there for dramatical effect, and I completely agree with you that any laptop would break after falling down some stairs (even if it was only 3:p), and as for checking it.. I obviously wasnt thinking straight.. but still be careful

    Naah, he looked at it for a while, and after a while asked me if there was any damage to the laptop before i bought it, I just went along with him, in the hope of a repair, and made up some story of there being some kind of small chip in there when i bought it, and it gradually getting worse, and then he got his manager and his manager started interrogating me on the other chips in the screen and how they were totally unrelated to the original, and then they checked the price of parts on the internet, and just said that unfortunately it was -as far as they suspected- accidental damage and there was nothing they could do for me. I wasn't expecting much, but the manager could have had a bit more sympathy, its only 3 weeks old for gods sake.. lol
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    I'm sorry about that… hopefully you can get it replaced some way or another.

    If you believe in karma (or if you don't) it'll come around and give you good luck some way or another.

    Let us know how it goes.
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    Those are pretty nasty cracks... but no leakage?

    I'm not sure how the design of this new screen works, considering dust can get trapped underneath it, I thought it could be replaced, but I guess I'm wrong.

    Good luck with it though, do keep us posted.
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    Oh man, must have fell much differently from the way mine did...mine doesn't even have a scratch after a 5 stair step fall... :(
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    What brand sleeve was it in?
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    Funny that 3 stairs did the trick, 3 days into owning mine I slipped on ice and fell ON TOP of it while it was in my messenger bag.

    I did my best to avoid damage by throwing my arm under my body(bones heal, aluminum doesn't) but I still put most of my weight on it.

    Either way, good luck getting it replaced.
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    I agree, the old whitebook would have cracked on the outside. A few years ago i dropped my Dell laptop just from a chair and it cracked and wouldn't turn on at all. At least you can save all your stuff off your hard drive.
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    I flipped over the handle bars of my bike when my chain came off and banged my body and backpack with the new 'book inside and it was fine. had it in an applesac as well but they don't seem too protective
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    I dropped my last Blackbook (not the one I have now) twice. Once on concrete hard and the other time it fell off my desk at college. No cracks. Just left a few minor scratches. They are pretty tough. Aluminum would of at least had some dings, but are strong also.
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    Plastic seems to absorb shock better than aluminum. The plastic will scratch and crack, but leave the insides relatively unharmed, aluminum will bend and warp, as well as scratch. Plus, plastic components are much cheaper to replace should you want to apply a new top case to restore it. I'm scared at the price for a new top case on these unibody models, will probably be outrageous should something happen to the structure. :eek:

    Sorry about your new Macbook :( sucks, but home owners insurance is probably the best route to go. Might want to check into how much your premiums will increase though, as you may pay MORE in the end to your insurance than the cost of a new MB. Good luck
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    Someone dropped my laptop onto concrete. Not a glass screen. No cracks. So... yes, glass does affect this.
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    didn't anyone see my statement?

    My Glassbook fell down 5 steps and is still fine, must have been the way his fell

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