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Macbook Upgrade

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by McNewbie, Jun 12, 2006.

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    I've got the standard 1.83ghz white Macbook and was wondering what aspects of the Macbook can I upgrade? I know that I am able to upgrade my RAM to 2gb but generally could I upgrade the optical drive, HDD, video card etc?:confused:
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    You can upgrade the following things:
    RAM (up to 4 GB)
    HDD (up to 200 GB)
    Optical drive (some companies will install a 8x DVD+/-RW DL drive for you)

    You can't upgrade the video card, since it's soldered onto the motherboard, so is your Core Duo processor. You can get a HD mod for the screen, but I wouldn't do that. Dunno why.
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    Pretty sure it only takes up to 2GB RAM.
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    Yes I was under the impression that I could only put two 1gb RAM in the Macbook:confused: How much and which HDD can I put in if I wanted to upgrade mine up to 100gb? Actually HDD's don't come in 100gb does it?
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    That they do you can get a 2.5 100 giger off newegg for arounda 100 bucks i did that last week for a external.
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    I bought a Seagate 100GB 7200rpm drive from Buy.com for around $180. It makes the notebook noticeably faster.
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    lord patton

    I haven't heard of anyone actually doing it, but there are 2GB RAM modules out there. Put two of 'em in your MacBook, and you'll have 4 GB. 32 bit systems (like OS X) can address 4 GB.

    Only problem is they cost thousands of dollars.
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    I just got a Black MacBook. I love it. I think it is the perfect notebook! Anyway I but 2 gigs of ram in it and it is working great... even photoshop. The hard-drive and the Ram are the only to real upgradeable things on it... but really what else to you need to up grade?
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    32-bit= max. 4 GB of RAM. Apple didn't underlock the RAM capacity, the only reason they don't offer it, is because a 2 GB RAM SO-DIMM is around $3k.

    I would be careful with replacing the HDD, since many users have had several issues after exchanging the drive with for instance a Seagate.
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    200GB?!?!?! Where can I find that hard drive? If I remember correctly, 160GB is the max at this point, and Apple only offers up to 120GB.
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    I thought the max was 120 GB, actually, but new technology has been announced very recently by....erm.....forgot who (Toshiba?) will allow for larger HD capacities. Don't know if they're out yet, though.

    And I'd think a 32-bit MacBook could use 4 GB of RAM (2^32).
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    Apple says it supports up to 2 GB

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    Black MacBook and replacement hard drives

    Someone mentioned that folks who replaced the internal drive on the MacBook with Seagate drives had some problems. Anyone hear about this / had experience?

    I have a black MacBook and am seriously considering replacing the internal hard drive with a 160GB SATA Seagate drive (or Hitachi) from here:


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    I replaced my hard drive with a Seagate Momentus 5400.2 120gb drive. No problems whatsoever. Seagate is one of the best drive companies so don't worry about using them.

    I haven't seen any complaints about their drives in this forum. Who has had issues?
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    Can you show me a link to where I can get a dual layer dvd-rw for my MBP?
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    My Seagate Momentus 5400.2 worked in my 2 Hz MacBook for 5 months before
    grinding (literally) to a halt... worked great up until that point... Just checkin the forums before ordering another (too much private info on the old disk to return it). :(
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    About Macbook's 3gb Limitation!!!!!!


    Please note: SDRAM chips must be of equal size!
    Please also note: buy.com has a pair of 1GB SDRAM Chip for $80... enjoy:


    Seriously people, do some research before you post. A simple google search came up with this as the #1 search result:

    This was taken from a zdnet blog found at:

    October 30th, 2006
    Inside the MacBook Pro’s 3GB RAM limitation
    Posted by Jason D. O'Grady @ 5:00 am

    One of the big new features in the Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro is the new 3GB RAM maximum that it supports. But 3GB is a funny number for a machine with 2 RAM slots. Why not max that puppy out with two 2GB sticks - for a total of 4GB?

    MacFixIt has learned that it's not a physical space limitation and that both of the new MBP's RAM slots are large enough to accommodate the bigger 2GB modules.

    Although the Intel 945PM chipset can physically handle 4GB of DDR2 RAM, there is the potential for "memory overlap" when more than 3GB of RAM is installed.

    a number of items that must be stored in physical RAM space, and when RAM reaches 4 GB, there is some overlap. In other words, in a 3 GB RAM configuration, there is no overlap with the memory ranges required for certain system functions. Between 3 GB and 4 GB, however, system memory attempts to occupy space that is already assigned to these functions.

    An interesting addendum to the RAM story is that Apple's 3GB RAM upgrade is actually competitively priced compared to what you find on the open market. Apple charges US$575 to upgrade from 2GB to 3GB of RAM and a 2GB SO-DIMM sells for US$625 at NewEgg.com.
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    cd macbooks are limited to 2gb TOTAL. not 4

    and you can upgrade the hd to larger than 200gb nowadays
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    At OWC you can get a 3.0GB kit (1x1gb and 1x2gb) for about $140.


    I'm using this config in my 2.0Ghz MacBook Core 2 Duo with no problems and it's really fast! I hardly ever get that beach ball and I regularly run 2 or 3 of Adobe's CS3 apps all the time.
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    Um, newegg only charges around $100USD for a 2GB SO-DIMM. . .

    And why did you respond to a year old thread?
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    As long as we've brought back this thread, were RAM chips really that expensive just a year ago? I'm just curious since no one seemed to know what they were talking about.
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    only 1 practical upgrade

    I upgraded to 4gb of ram for less than $160. It is patriot memory and I got it from newegg. whoever said that 4gb of ram is 3k has no clue about this subject. the upgrade to 4gb from apple is 1k, but why get that when you can pay less than $160? The upgrade has helped alot. It helps with the graphics processing a great deal, among other things. The graphics processing is not from an independent graphics card, so any help is awesome. As far as an HDD upgrade, do not put a 7200rpm drive in unless you want to use your macbook as a griddle. The difference in temperature will be very noticeable. It will also kill battery life. The best bet is an external drive if you need more storage.
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    Check the dates on the posts. 4GB sticks were a lot more expensive over a year ago.
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    Good call.

    Good point, that is very true. Thank goodness for the drop in price, otherwise I would have no upgrade options at all.

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