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Macbook won't sleep when closing lid.

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by mick4394, Dec 5, 2006.

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    Well, after spending the last two months talking up my Macbook, I've run into my first hardware failure. This sucks.

    The title says it all. When I close my lid, my Macbook won't sleep. It sleeps in all other instances (Power button, idle time, Apple menu). It just won't sleep when I close the lid.

    I've gone through all of the trouble shooting, reset the SMC. Hell, I even did a reinstall of OSX, from scratch. Nothing worked. In the end I discovered that after I close the lid, if I push down on the left hand side of the lid, it will go to sleep. It looks to me like there's a loose connection, something isn't making contact.

    Looks like I'll be making a call to Apple support. Luckily, I'm still in the first 90 days of owning the computer. Hopefully Apple won't give me the run-around.
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    Yep, sounds sensible to call Apple.
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    This concerns me a bit.. cause yesterday I closed my MBP 17 inch and put it in my back pack.. AFter traveling by bike for 20 minutes in 40 degree (brrrr) weather I took my MBP out of the Back Pack,,,,, it was the hottest I have ever felt it... The screen was black... and I did not hear aything running... but the computer was HOT!!!!!
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    I doubt these two problems are related. These two notebooks don't latch in the same way (MB magnetic, MBP mechanical). They probably don't have the same sensors.
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    Had this same problem with our owners MBP and I removed the battery and reseated it and fixed the problem.

    May work for you too.
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    I had a video up of my Macbook's problem, but decided it may be better to wait until I get the thing fixed before I possibly piss anyone off that could be helping me fix it (Apple).

    Once the problem is resolved, I'll repost the video and report on the resolution.
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    For those who care, I called Apple support, and told them my situation. It was a pretty short conversation. I told him what the problem was, told him what I did for troubleshooting, he told me he would have done the same, he said they'd send me a box.

    So now I get to experience the mixed bag that is known as Apple service. I hope I'm one of the lucky ones that gets my computer back in a timely fashion. But, with all of the horror stories I've heard, I'm not optimistic.

    I do have a question though. One of the last things he asked me was what is the size of my HD? and how much RAM do I have? Is this a sign that they could just send me a different Macbook with the same specs to get a quick turnaround? Do they normally ask you this? I wouldn't even question it if it was asked earlier in the conversation, but he asked me near the end, after we had already established that I was going to send it in. Any insight would be much appreciated.

    If it's going to take a little longer, I'd prefer waiting, to getting a replacement quick shipped. Other than the sleep thing, this Macbook doesn't have any of the other classic Macbook issues.

    Well, that's my story. I hope it has a happy ending. I'll keep you posted.
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    I have the 17" MBP and when I close the lid it goes to sleep. However when I pick it up it wakes up. When I put it to sleep with the lid kept open, and move it around it does NOT wake up.

    Spend 45 minutes with Apple support yesterday did many different things and now I have to reinstall OSX.

    Just wondering how you are making out.
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    My Macbook sleep problem has been solved. The problem was hardware, not software. I don't know exactly what was replaced, there are so many parts listed on the work order. It looks like they basically replaced the logic board and RAM.
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    Perhaps you might try

    Resetting the pRAM. I've used this on two occasions.

    1) My macbook wouldn't recognize my external displays when I plugged them in.
    2) The aforementioned problem, it wouldn't sleep when I closed the lid.

    I just reset my pRAM now and it fixed the latter problem. To reset pRAM restart the mac and before/during the chime hold Command+Option+p+r. This should hopefully solve your problem, although obviously not if it is a hardware and not a software problem.
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    My macbook pro wasn't going to sleep when I closed the lid either, and then I just restarted my laptop, and it worked again.
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    If your MacBook is plastic, then it is possible that the magnet in the screen bezel that controls sleep has become rotated or pushed too far back in it's groove. Remove the bezel, lift the screen forward (10-14 small Philips screws), reseat the magnet, reattach the screen and bezel. Simple. I've had the same problem after the MacBook went on a bumpy car journey and I guess that knocked the magnet out of place.

    Note; messing with the screen can be fiddly, keep your fingers away from all electronic chipsets, and be gentle with the iSight array.

    EDIT Sorry I didn't see the post where you said your MacBook had been returned. It is likely that Apple may have tried the above.
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    Ah, are you on a Multi-body?
    The magnet is not making contact with the reed switch, so it's not being triggered, this probably was caused by a jolt to the case or something.
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    Uh, I don't know how to say this, but this thread is from 3 years ago, and he sent his computer to Apple, 3 years ago. Did you read the whole thread?
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    I was not the one who revived it, read a post above my original post.

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