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Macbook wont turn on :(

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by riko, Feb 29, 2008.

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    Hi Guys

    Had a bit of a disaster this afternoon. My 2 gigs of ram from crucial arrived and I have tried to install it into my macbook core duo. However my computer will now not turn on at all. When pressing the power button there is now activity what so ever. Tried putting the apple ram back but same thing happens. I have tried resetting the PMU but removing the battery and power cord and holding the button for 5 seconds but nothing...

    I am pretty sure that the problem is with the left hand ram bay. The lever is slightly bent and when I slid it to the side it only pushed out the right hand side of the ram. I eventually got it out but using the lever again but I'm sure it must have damaged something internally. I have applecare but the people at the store are not likely to believe that this was not my fault. I have never removed the ram before so I did not damage the lever or the bay.

    Is there anything else I can try? I have an appointment tomorrow in the apple store in Glasgow but any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Yep, you have a limited warranty...

    but just be adamant about the damage not being caused by you, and the Apple Store should continue to honor your AppleCare, because your "Everything Mac" Guide explains the installing of SDRAM in Chapter 3 "Boost Your Memory", and they make sound so easy that "even a caveman can do it!" They also emphasize that your SDRAM must be recognized by your MB and installed correctly, and if it's NOT, your MB will not start-up. :cool:
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    I've had this problem before with other laptops.

    1) Unplug the power supply.
    2) Remove the battery.
    3) Wait about 30 seconds.
    4) Install battery.
    5) Power on.

    For some reason the battery seems to hold things in a bad state. Removing the battery give it a good hard reboot.

    Let us know how it turns out.
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    Hi dino.

    Tried that and its still a no go :(. There is no activity at all so I think its terminal (either that or I am thick and not putting the ram in right). I'll see what they say in the store. If they do want to charge me i might be better getting a new laptop!:(

    I am annoyed as I was so careful. Even put on my little antistatic wriststap :p.
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    Keep us advised on the situation, good luck. :cool:
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    Are you sure you have pushed the memory in properly ? It requires quite a stiff push all the way in - it could be that it's just not seated right which would cause the mac to not start up.

    Take the memory out and put it back in.. firmly making sure you apply some pressure.
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    I had that problem when I took my memory out and put it back in.

    I would take the battery off again and then un-screw the 3 screws that hold on the L bracket. After that, make sure the memory is pressed in quite firmly. Then when you put the L bracket back on, make sure the foam that is between the L bracket and the laptop is secure inside the hole that the L bracket covers. If the L bracket is bent just slightly and not covering the hole completely, you won't be able to turn on the Mac. I like to secure one side at a time. First, make sure the side close to the hard drive is completely inside the whole and completely flush then screw in those 2 screws while holding it. Then, do the same with the second part and screw in the last screw. After that, press the power button and Wallaa, you have a memory upgrade.

    Good luck!
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    Was wondering that too. Despite being told it was easy I was terrified taking out the old memory and putting in the new, especially of pushing too hard when trying to make sure the new memory was seated right. In the end it needed a helluva push (heart racing all the time!) and although there was no clear 'click' you could feel it slotting in to position.

    Would you give it one more try, just to make sure it's seated right?
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    Hi guys. in the apple store now waiting for my appointment.

    I have taken the memory out 3 or 4 times and it still wont boot. if it needs any more force than i have been applying I would be worried about breaking something.

    ill let you know how i get on
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    Thats it booked in for repair.. They tried reseating the ram but it still doesn't turn on. Could cost £500 if they refuse to fix it under applecare. They will call and let me know what they find
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    Hopefully they'll rule in your favor...

    (Crossing fingers!) You're sort of "at their mercy" in these situations, but it sounds like you are headed in the right direction. Keep us posted! :cool:
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    Was too much to hope for a good outcome :( It will be £447 to fix it. They say I cannot prove that the ram bay was broken before I tried to eject the ram and I should have taken it to them when I knew it was fault. i only knew it was faulty AFTER trying to slide the lever.

    I'm not sure I'll pay as its an awful lot of money and the resale on ebay is not much more. :(
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    NC MacGuy

    Bas****s!! I have a couple of MB's and the little RAM eject arms are flimsy as all get out. I have to use needlenose pliers to get RAM out on one because arm flat won't eject it. Sorry to hear of your misfortune.
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    I am very pi55ed off but I can see their position (im sure they hear lots of "I didnt do it" stories). I an most annoyed as I KNOW i used the lever as intended but it has somehow failed and done damage.

    I really cannot justify paying this much to fix it and will be sorely tempted to get a new macbook but I have had so much trouble with this one (had to send it back twice to get a new superdrive as this was before the apple store opened) and I will loose out on a whole year of applecare. Maybe I should just get my data back and call it quits. I still have access to the shared PC. :(
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    Man riko, I'm highly upset as well...

    take this survey:


    and be adamant about not being treated fairly. Did you see the Store Manager? These genuis' are given too much authority to make decisions that turn out to be quite costly for us. Just last week I was told by two genius' that my scratches (scratches appeared on my screen three weeks after I bought the MB and I made several trips to the Apple Store to get it resolved) on my MB 2.16 were "cosmetic" and that they could repair them for $600 plus tax. I explained that I didn't cause the scratches by abusing the MB, and that if I had known that this was a problem with all MB's that I would have taken precautions to keep my MB looking immaculate! Fell on deft ears, so I filled out the questionnaire on line that they sent to me a few days later; and to my surprise, the Store Manager called me at home and invited me to the Apple Store for a personal shopping spree on them. I chose the BlackBook 2.4 250GB HDD, and this only came about by filling out the questionnaire. I gave them "glowing comments" this time, but I was really treated differently after sending the email to their retail/feedback folks. :eek:
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    That's unfortunate. If you need certain programs or files on that machine I would see if you could get it fixed. If not go get a new MB since they're well under $1000 now :)
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    I took the survey but I dont think Ill get a reply as I dont have a receipt number so they have no way to contact me.

    I have not spoken to the manager but am picking up my macbook tomorrow (the guy on the phone asked if I could get it asap as its taking up room). Not the apple experience I was hoping for. sigh

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