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MacbookAir in Best Buy stores

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by baypharm, Feb 13, 2008.

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    I walked into the BestBuy store in Gainesville FL and they had a table set up with the Macbook Air, Pro, and iMacs of different flavors. I asked one of the sales bots of the Air was in stock and he said yes - ready to go out the door.

    What was nice about this display - was they had set up a large table with plenty of room so you could see and use the computers. WIFI was running so you could cruise the net. Pretty cool!
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    I've seen that in more an more BB stores. I've also starting seeing something similar at some CC stores. Looks like Apple is getting more retail presence.

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    I regurly go to a Best Buy just south of Gainesville, in Lakeland. They've never had any Apple products in this store. I was in last week, and they has some Airport Extremes and Airport Expresses on the shelf, first Apple products ever!

    I doubt they will ever sell comps, two Apple stores within 50 miles, but I can hope.
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    Sun Baked

    They need something to replace CompUSA's presentation and lousy sales pitches.
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    I've always seen AirPort Expresses in Best Buy (even in the S-Hole that is Flint, MI). I first saw the Apple Displays (on the same day) in Lafayette, IN in both Best Buy and Circut City. Ever since I see them more often. They are suppossed to actually make it to all A and B style Best Buys, not sure about the C or D stores, but one can hope.

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    A, B, C, and D style? Huh?

    I know for sure that the newest Best Buy in my area has a section just for Apple Computer (nice big table with computers on it for trial). Haven't been there in a little so I don't know if they have any Air's in.
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    There are 4 styles of Best Buy Stores (from my experience).

    A Stores have a layout that is very square. The tiled floor runs in a square with the check-outs and customer service/geek squad on opposing sides of the entrance.

    B Stores have little to no tile. Video Games are in one of the back corners. Often one of the front corners have either a Magnolia Audio/Video display or another home theatre display.

    C Stores have a circle of tile just inside the door that had three aisles branching from it. Computers are straight ahead. Cell phones are just inside the door.

    D stores are converted from other stores and have varying layouts.

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    Small Market BB's will probably never have Apple COmputers (says my former boss who is a District Sales Manager).

    I'm bummed, our new store is a Small Market store and i'll still have to drive 60 miles to the Apple Store in Orlando.
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    Dude, LOL, remind me to remember this when you give directions! I'm between the 2 places in Lady Lake. I just had to MapQuest it - 130 miles from Gainesville to Lakeland.

    This just cracked me up today - it's been a long day around here.
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    I live in Boston (well, outside of) and have 2 Best buy stores near my house. Each store is 14 miles away. the Worcester, MA Best Buy has a huge Apple section inside the store. They Display every model and product and have Mac specefic sales reps who handle Apple sales and a large "Geek Squad".

    The other Best Buy near me has a bigger store, but not 1 Apple computer for sale and they will not take an order for any products. You can buy Ipods but not Mac's or storage.

    BB is waaay to expensive and if you lived in my town / area, Best Buy is a poor choice to purchase any technology products.

    It's not there fault but Best Buy offer the same items that can be sourced at other places at a 8-15% premium. (convenience is a non issue w/ 100 of stores in a 25 mile radius)...I do use them to test and check out gadgets "if" I happen to be walking by.
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    It seems that only certain BB stores have Apple computers. In Austin, there is only 1 out of the 5 BB stores that actually Sell Apple computers. I kind of wish all of them would carry apple computers but I guess with 2 Apple stores in the city, that isn't necessary.
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    Just called my local BestBuy and they don't have it on display. In fact, the last time I went there, they didn't even have an Apple section. I hate my BestBuy. :mad:

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