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MacBooks in 10 years, something to think about...

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by PowerFullMac, Feb 27, 2008.

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    I have a iBook G3 with 900MHz CPU and 384MB RAM (upgraded from 256MB)... Not that good is it? PlayStation 3s and Apple TVs have more power than that! Yes, a TV box is even more powerful! However, 4 years ago when I got it it was high spec, the best one! If you tried to offer that to someone today for the price it was then, they would laugh in your face! I would be lucky if I got £150 for it now!

    Which makes you think, if you got a high spec MacBook Pro with all the extras on it, in about 10 years, we would be laughing at that technology being put on your computers, posting from our 10GHz Intel Core 10 Quad MacBooks (or whatever the name will be then) with 32TB of RAM, and there will be threads like "What, Apple are ripping us off with their £700 computers with only 6TB of RAM!" and the technology we have today will not even power our games consoles and Apple TV 8s!

    Something to think about...
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    Still won't get a decent graphics card though :p
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    This is why it's never worth paying top dollar for a computer. Within a year or two, machines that cost 1/2 of what you paid for the original machine will have 2x the power of said original. Makes more sense to buy low and replace as needed.
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    Maybe Apple will finally put Blu-ray in them... :D
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    Screw Blu-Ray.... Holograms better be out by then.

    And where the hell is my hoverboard from Back To The Future?
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    its almost irrelevant though...i mean there will still be more power than you will ever need to run word processing etc, but OS's and games will require whatever the systems have.

    look at crysis now...i mean it can hardly run on the machines that exist, what kind of games and programs do you think will come out that take advantage of the next gen machines.

    i still remember my family ordering a 233mhz gateway back in the mid 90's and it was top of the line...
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    no, in ten years time there will have been 2 more generations of optical drive and the new one will be Voilet-ray drives, they will store 10TB of information per side.

    Wow, I hope this post is still here in 10 years, hows that for a rumour coming true!
    yes believe it, you, yes you reading this now with your voilet-ray drive, in the year 2017 :D
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    Yes thats very true, thats why you dont notice computers getting faster most of the time.

    I got a portable one of them thats more powerful, its called a PSP! :D
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    You mean 2018... ;)
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    oh god, sorry my bad lol :D (I even counted the years twice using my fingers heh!)
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    But do you have 9 fingers? :D
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    I have a Powerbook G4 cause I use my iMac mainly. It's not the worst thing on earth actually.

    You're right though, technology is funny and fascinating.

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