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macheads and their tv shows

Discussion in 'Community' started by jefhatfield, May 29, 2002.

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    i like the view, frasier, friends, the osbornes, and many bay area kqed things

    biography is great even though it's half truth and half entertainment...there is a more factual, but much drier biography type program and they did this interesting expose on the more popular biography program...lots of laughs

    for old stuff; outer limits, twilight zone, and mission impossible were great

    12 o'clock high was interesting and so was black sheep squadron...in that vein, battlestar gallactica was neat also

    in the old days of mtv, i liked headbangers ball but now i can't stand most hard rock but i do still like metallica since they are always evolving
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    the simpsons. malcolm in the middle. snl... sometimes.

    i also get a great laugh out of shows like temptation island and the bachelor... sure, they're sick, but they're funny (i like to laugh AT people)...
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    I'll do.....

    BBC news 24
    Early X-Files
    ITV F1
    This Life
    BlackAdder 2 and 3 not 1 and 4
    Red Dwarf
    Cold Feet

    The list could go on... but I don't watch much tv..... it's only the odd show most of the shows above aren't screened at the moment.....

    I like factual programmes.... something that educates me.... I have a morbid fascination about disasters....... causes, why etc etc..... stuff like the Titanic, Ghosts, Unexplained as well as certain events in history.........
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    Mr. Anderson

    I find I don't have much time for tv anymore, so I'll watch movies and the occasional sienfeld/friends/just shoot me if I happen to be relaxing. Cheers reruns late nite too.
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    how do people find the time to watch television??
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    I'm not much of a tv goer...but when I can I catch "6 Feet Under" on HBO...and will catch "Frasier" on NBC when it's on & I'm around...but I don't make it a point to watch them like many people do...it really amazes me how people will plan things in their life around tv shows....

    and late at night I do watch reruns of "Seinfeld" & "Frasier"...tv actually helps me get into that sleep mode...

    but I'd much rather be on the internet...which is probably just as bad as tv...or out doing something active....I hate sitting around like that...makes me feel like I'm wasting valuable time in front of a tv...

    but movies I do like... :D
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    my tv watching is sporadic and thus i have no idea what show is on what network

    i know that beverly hills 90210, melrose place, and jag were all originally direct spinoffs from each other, but i think jag was the only one not on the fox network

    the original character in jag was a gay, naval lawyer but when they created the new show, they made him straight and since i only see jag from time to time, i have no idea if the two characters have any love life at all...do they?
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    My general rule is no TV before 8 PM, and no work after 8 PM, so I'm mostly caught up in the prime-time stuff.

    24 (it's coming back, somehow! woo-hoo!), West Wing, ER, Friends, occasionally Buffy (it's gotten respectable, but I have no idea who's who, and they killed one of the lesbians), Iron Chef.

    If I do happen to have the TV on for background during the day, it's FoodTV, the History Channel, or FoxNews (which is really funny if you can convince yourself for a few minutes that it's actually satire, otherwise it's scary as hell). :D
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    same with my tv watching...I don't really follow what comes on when...I have no clue...and to be honest...when I eventually have my own family...tv will not be a staple part of entertainment for my children...there's so many more constructive things to do than be hypnotized by a black box with pictures...

    btw...I don't know much about the shows....but I do know that Jag is about military right? how does it correlate into a teen show & soapstyle show??
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    I'll watch:

    Six Feet Under
    Discovery Channel (Almost Anything)
    TLC (Almost Anything)
    Conan O Brien
    Seinfield (reruns)
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    Lets see.. since my computers and tv are all in the living room, it's easy to watch the tube and post here too.

    Most frequently I watch, Enterprise, West Wing (when I snag it), Cooks Tour (good one last night), Good Eats :D, Simpsons, Futurama (when I can find it), Adult Swim (Thursday nights), Saprano's (badda-boom), Buffy (Willow was b*tchin for a few :D and Spike is soon to be f*cked over :D) occasionally. Also in in the mix goes, Stargate SG1 (the new ones on showtime), History channel, Discovery channel and just about anything worth watching except the news.

    I usually don't watch anything until after dinner, since I am a tech, that can be after 8 or 9 at night.
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    Yey........... 24 is coming back....... so how did it all end??? who died?? who lived?? :D

    Who was a goodie?? and who was a baddie??
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    Mr. Anderson

    They starting the show from 0-hour? Let me know when this happens, I want to see what all the fuss was about.
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    I'm not sure.... I was refering to Cleo's post, that there maybe a second series of 24 coming out......

    I'm just ultra intrigued to know how the current series finished........ I'm not very patient you see...... :p

    If you get chance though... do watch it from zero......
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    The next 24 hours will probably just be him sleeping
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    friends used to be funny but now they're just sad and pathetic...so that ones history. i'll flip on the market report during the day to see whats up and maybe speed past cnn to see whats on fire.....speaking of fire, i turn on the local stations when i smell smoke--its a spring ritual in california....

    sometimes pbs is good( except those clunes giving californians a bad name).

    otheriwise i just stay away from tv.

    i'm too old and life's too short.:D
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    heh heh heh...... actually though..... does make you wonder what the next series would be about.......:confused: :D
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    i think when tv producers have no clue about what to do next, they borrow characters from older shows and build another show around it

    ie) cheers-frasier

    star trek-star trek next gen-voyager-etc
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    ah...I had no idea that happened with those shows...

    just goes to show...u learn something new every day! ;)
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    Enterprise (Sometimes)
    Random Movies
    Other then that I use my Computer for entertainment EG: UT
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    Mr. Anderson

    I used to watch in regularly, but over the past couple years, it just hasn't been the same and I might have seen 5 or 6, and those are usually reruns, but I haven't seen them yet.

    Have they had the finally? Is there going to be another season?!?

    I hope not.
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    Rumor has it that Jack is going to come back as a special assistant/guard to Palmer. I won't spoil it for those of you who haven't seen the last few episodes, but they basically set it up where they handled this immediate situation, but the ultimate mole (whom I won't identify) is still alive and working for someone, so there's plenty of opportunity for more intrigue.

    My question is what the voice-over at the beginning is going to be like.

    "My name is Jack Bauer and I work for the CTU. Yesterday was the longest day of my life. Today you're going to watch me go into shock, then sleep for 15 hours straight. Today is the longest day of YOUR life." :D
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    spinoff...that's the word i was thinking of

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