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macheads for kidd or shaq?

Discussion in 'Community' started by jefhatfield, Jun 4, 2002.

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    so who will win...new jersey nets or the los angeles lakers?

    games begin wednesday:D
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    Again, I do not pay attention to basketball that much...

    But I am going for the home team all the way!

    Go Nets! :)

    Fear the King.
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    One more vote for Nets

    2002 belongs to Nets..go Nets
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    Ha! Ha, I say!

    Lakers have the experience and talent to beat the Nets.
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    Don't give a rat's flaming a$$ which wins... I don't like the shaq since he was seriously overpaid when he played for Miami. He couldn't hit a free throw if his life depended on it back then. So whichever team he is NOT on, I hope they whoop his a$$.
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    lakers do have the experience, but the nets have nothing to lose since the lakers are favored by many

    i think the nets will let it all out and exploit the fact that this has not been the most consistent year for kobe and shaq...jason kidd is on a hotstreak and is, in my opinion (along with that 76ers guy ;-), the next michael jordan or closest thing

    there will probably never be another one like mike, but we can hope and support the key players of this generation of new hot shots

    i know that wilt chamberlin really stood out in his time against his peers, but michael jordan did it against the likes of magic, bird, the mailman, the admiral, and many other great players

    of course, kobe came in as a kid phenom (17 or 18) and will continue to grow and may become the next "mike" with two hands full of nba rings
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    Didn't he play for Orlando?

    Yeah, his free throws were never his strong suit, though he has improved lately.

    I would argue that all professional athletes should be paid the same salary. The real money is in advertising these days anyway, so the athletes won't miss the dough.

    With the money saved from salaries, they could sell tickets cheaper and devote more money to improving stadiums, etc.
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    The Kings didn't have anything to lose either...;)
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    Mr. Anderson

    Absolutely, with no end in sight. The exceptional atheletes could get the endorcements from the corporate world, Nike, Adidas, etc., still make ludicrous amounts of money. It is a shame that the system has allowed this to get as bad as it has.
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    Orlando, Miami, close enough :D... I do know that Parish should have been paid more. I loved the game where a player from the other team bit him (or something like that) and he just backhanded the guy. That was all it took, the fight was over.

    So many of the new players are getting salaries that are just sick, especially considering how they don't deserve THAT kind of money, at least until they get a few championships under their belt. They should be made to earn it, just like the rest of us in the working world. The games could be more interesting if that was to happen.
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    I believe that one of the main reasons that sports stars are getting paid the exorbitant amounts that they are is due to the blurring line between entertainment and sport.

    TV has completely changed the world of sports. The structure of games now reflects what works best for TV (commercial breaks, quick scoring, action). Football and basketball are the worst offenders here. Because I have personal experience with volleyball I can tell you a lot of how the sport is adapting (for the worse) to be more palatable for TV audiences.

    Sports stars have all the characteristics of movie stars now...including the inflated paychecks. :rolleyes:
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    Shaq and the lakers all the way!!!
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    Forget basketball. Hockey is the only real sport on tv right now. Stanley Cup final hockey is some of the most exciting sports you will ever watch. Baseball is a joke, and basketball players (while sometimes exciting to watch) bitch and moan to much...women.

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    Hockey doesn't do it for me. Yeah, the checking is cool...but low scoring sports don't do very well in the US (for the reasons I mentioned above).

    Besides, didn't the Avalanche lose 8-1 in a playoff game? Blowouts are not exciting to watch…unless it's an underdog taking it to a powerhouse. :D
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    ipods for all

    I'd rather the Nets win 'cause the Lakers have already taken two in a row, and I'm a Kobe hater (although no one can deny how good he is... sometimes). BUT, I did hear that on a road trip during the regular season Shaq bought an ipod and was so impressed with it that he either bought everyone on the team one, or that he wouldn't let anyone on the bus until they went and got one for themselves. I can't remember. Either way it's pretty cool.
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    i think the lakers will win easily.

    i want the nets to win

    but i don't like either of the players mentioned in the topic.

    i'm an ai fan myself.

    what a damned thug.
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    Nets and Kidd all the way!!!
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    professional athletes are exceptionally rare people with exceptionally rare skills...when i was in college, i saw so many promising players hit the dust and not make the pros or even the local college team

    and if they are good, will they be able to continue without getting a career ending injury

    and if they make it to the pros, will they last without those injuries and will they be able to keep the focus...and for how long...it seems like the athletes are getting stronger and faster with each decade...not to mention younger with retirement coming earlier and earlier due to the new crop being better and more talented than the one before

    i think these people who can reach the top of their sport do deserve big bucks, but it would be hard to justify 20 mil a year for a baseball player when the president is not even making half a mil

    money and salary is certainly not fair but these athletes are one in a hundred thousand in their abilities

    think of all the people who play hoop out there between age 17 (like kobe was when he entered nba) and age 42 or so (like kareem was when he bowed out)...each nba team has a small roster of players and no one is kept unless they are performers...thus the super high salary/contracts

    the only joke is that many of these talents who go the college route get business degrees...some of these people cannot read past the 8th grade level

    granted, i got my ba in biz and it is one of the "easier" majors in college compared to biology, math, or physics, but why not invent a "sports" degree, but not focused on the physical training/healing arena which has a good deal of difficult classes like chemistry and anatomy...but a more preformance based sports education which is based on playing, coaching, and maybe sports history

    ...but don't give just any athlete a business degree unless they passed all their general ed and upper division business classes

    my bro went to school with one of the best running backs in the history of the nfl at a college in california and this athlete never went to class and he somehow passed due to pressure from the coaches...he has a degree in something he did not study but at least he is a millionaire now and he has a super bowl ring early in his career

    they should have given him some sort of sports degree which would not require a lot of class time or homework...he made his school proud and gave the school a lot of money in ticket sales and owns many of the running back records in college nationwide (he put his state college on the sports map)

    btw... john elway was a hard working student when he went to stanford and he really resents other athletes who were given degrees and went to schools who were more interested in their sports program instead of their academics

    sometimes, the part-time athletes of stanford get whipped badly by other less academic schools who are filled will full time (paid with perks or maybe even $$$) athletes

    "blue chip" with nick nolte and shaq is an interesting study in the big time corruptness of big school sports
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    Good points jef'.

    Even though these athletes are all one-in-a-million talents, they are among peers...and they should be playing for the love of the game.

    The trading and constant contract negotiation that takes place these days has all but eliminated team loyalty and a dependable group of players to root for year after year.

    Pay them all the same wage. The notoriety and endorsements that come with exceptional performance should be reward enough.
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    Shameless "bump"

    The game has started now...LA looks good...NJ looks...not so good. :p
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    The Lakers are playing pretty well so far. Hopefully they can keep up the good play and end the series in 4.
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    i play for the love of the game...these people are earning their retirement...early...very early...he he:p
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    nets put up more of a fight than i was expecting.

    oh well. they'll keep getting destroyed.
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    lakers won!!! barely

    while up 23 points at one time, it took los angeles evey bit of skill and luck to hold back a comeback from kidd and company as the game was narrowed down to a final five point favor of the lakers...how in the heck do the lakers blow that type of lead?

    come on shaq and kobe! this is the nba finals...and what is this business of losing the ball a lot in the 4th quarter and having shaq miss lots of free throws and sky hooks?

    as long as the lakers win, they will get that ring in the end (number three in a row)...but la has shown they are not as dominant as they were last year and the year before

    but it makes it kind of exciting to see a team in decline play a tough mental game and still scrape up a win...somehow the lakers beat a hot sacramento
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    thanks detective.... ha

    i think philly played them pretty well last year. especially since no one gave them a chance.

    i didn't think nj had a chance to win a game, and i'm still not sure. but maybe one. just one...

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