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MacHeist Launches 'The Heist' - A Puzzle Game with a Prize

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, May 24, 2011.

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    MacHeist has just released their first foray into the world of iOS games with the release of The Heist [App Store].
    MacHeist has been a promotional partner with MacRumors in the past and is best known for its Mac app discount bundles. Their promotions have always been wrapped in some sort of puzzle/game element.

    The iOS app follows the same basic idea, but this time offering it wrapped in an iOS game with a prize awarded at the end. TouchArcade reports that the ultimate prize is a Steam code for a PC/Mac game worth "substantially" more than $0.99.

    Article Link: MacHeist Launches 'The Heist' - A Puzzle Game with a Prize
  2. arn
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    (so while macheist has been a promotional partner with MacRumors in the past for bundle sales, this story's just been posted for interest, and not part of any sort of promotional deal)
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    I am intrigued but before I spend $0.99 on the app, I would like more hints on what the prize will be. The game itself isn't that interesting enough to me spend money and time.

    Edit: I just read that the prize is a Steam code. Not interested.
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    Is it for Portal or Portal 2? If the latter I will get this for sure! I already own Portal though. :apple:
    EDIT: Also just want to say that the game in question actually looks very well done, props to them!
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    The MacHeist forum reports that the game at the end is Eets.
    A Mac and Windows game which sells for £5.99.
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    Looks fun - I'm in.
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    Sweeeet. Macheist 3.5.

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    Aah I see. Their page said "Our cake is no lie", so it made me assume Portal. :apple:
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    Solved it...

    As an update it is Eets...the game is quite fun, Loved the spin on sodoku.

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  10. Nuc
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    Was easy to beat the game... At least you get a prize, even though I may never play the prize game...

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    Clever puzzles. Fun regardless of the prize
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    ... for Eets? Ouch!
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    Fun at first, get's old fast though....
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    fun, the only one i didn't like was the wires because i had to think too much lol.
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    There are in fact two prizes - if you complete all of the puzzles, you get a discount voucher for the next macheist bundle! Hopefully this means there definitely will be a next macheist bundle.

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