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Macintosh 128k?

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by MarkW19, Mar 9, 2003.

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    I don't know why, but I really want a Mac 128k :p

    I've seen a couple of Mac Classic's on Ebay, but I'd rather have the 128k with it being the first real "Mac".

    Anyone know where to get one? I'm in the UK.

    Any help would be much appreciated! :)
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    Sign up for Low End Mac's Compact Macs e-mail list. It's where I got my 128K Mac (the 1904th unit produced) and parts for my Mac Plus.

    Note the Mac Plus is the same form-factor as the original Mac 128K, but it has a SCSI port so it's fairly easy to add a HD, making it a far more useful machine. Still -- the 128K is an original classic.

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    Cool, thanks mate :)
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    Blakespot: I just did a search and noticed in one of your other threads, you say you got your 128k from the MacSwap list - is that the same list as the Compact Mac one?

    Are 128k's quite rare then?
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    not extremely rare, but scarce. they come up on eBay a lot more than say, the LISA 2. they don't go for much in auction unless they have the carrying bag etc., so that's another indicator or scarcity.

    make sure to buy one that has a serial number of M0001 and doesn't have 128k anywhere one the machine. when Apple started putting more memory in the machines, 128K was put on the machines to differentiate them, as they probably all looked exactly the same save for a few minor details.
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    You're right -- I got the list wrong. Good catch (MacSwap list was the one I meant to say).

    128K's are somewhat rare. I paid $125 for the one I have that came w/ a Plus keyboard and a ext 800K 3.5" drive (that doesn't work with the 128K). It's the 1904th one made, so I just keep it in a Mac carrying bag.

    We just bought a new house so I get 3x the space for computers now...mmmm...maybe I'll set it out.


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