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Macintosh Classic on ethernet??

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by Jo-Kun, May 23, 2004.

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    Hi there, I just got an old Macintosh Classic (I'll get it next week actually) I know it doesn't feature an Etherent port, but does anyone know if there is a possibility to add it? just to hook it up to my network and see what I can do with it (maybe add some old scsi hardware wich I have here like my Zip100 and make it accessable over the network?)


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    Sun Baked

    Help retracted when the 2nd thread popped up.
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    I've got one of these Im not using if you're interested. Oh wait, will this work with a Classic?
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    I remember years ago (1997 - 2000) when the Hotline network was still around, there was a Mac server on there that ran everything off a Mac SE with several 1GB SCSI-1 disks attached, had an ethernet card installed, and it was hooked to a T1. Ran the server software just fine (68k) and was very fast.

    I opted to run my server off a PowerMac 9500 at the time, ha.

    Does anybody remember Hotline?
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    Yup... knew those who used it. There were still a handful running a few years ago. :eek:
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    Yes, I ran a server called "The Mac OS Place" from 1997-2001

    Once everything shifted over to Mac OS X, and I made the transition, I stopped using Hotline because there was not much support for Mac OS X at the time. Since then filesharing has evolved, most people use fileshare sites or torrent now....what was cool about Hotline is that it was a community setting in the fast that there was chat and message boards involved along with the file hosting.

    It was also very easy to use and setup from a server standpoint. In its hey-day Hotline was very popular in the Mac community, but I am talking 1997-2001 mainly.
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    I have one of these stored away somewhere. I bought it on closeout years ago hoping to use it with my PowerBook 100, but I never got around to trying.

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