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Macintosh G4 Computer for sale

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by mivy, Feb 16, 2002.

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    I have a Macintosh G4 w/AGP Graphics for sale here what it has

    400 mhz processor w/AGP graphics
    256 ram memory
    20 gig harddrive
    keyboard/ no mouse

    This computor is in great condition Hardly used asking $500.00 or best offer It is a pretty good bargain for a computor if interested you can contact me at miorora66@hotmail.com
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    Well, anyone who DOES make an offer to this cat, let me know and I'll sell you the machine for 75% of whatever you guys settle on. Exact same specs except my box has 960 MB of RAM.


    (pretty damn serious, by the way... I can't imagine getting more than $500 for the exact same machine in this day and age)
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    Whoa, are you serious? Hell, I'll buy yours from you for $500. :D Even though I already have the same one. I'll be getting $1500 for mine, though, and it's not that special. G4 400 PCI, 1GB RAM, DVD-ROM, ZIP100, QPS 12x10x32, and 17" graphite Apple Display.
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    nah skanadron i will buy from you also... i dont have one and i need one...whats the price?
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    i think skandranon thought mivy was selling a G3 400... but if im wrong.. thats a really great price!

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    the price is....
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    Men... in Venezuela I could sell that machine for $1700 and is just 3 hours away from the US.

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