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MacLegion Bundle: 10 Mac Apps for $49.99, Including Djay, Fantastical, and Capo

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Nov 18, 2012.

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    A few times a year, MacRumors partners with one of the Mac App Bundle organizers to promote their bundle deal. The latest bundle comes from MacLegion and delivers 10 Mac applications for $49.99 (a $548.80 value if all purchased separately).

    - TechTool Pro ($99.99) - Hardware diagnostics, maintenance and hard drive repair
    - Freeway Pro ($229.00) - Web design software
    - djay ($19.99) - DJ app for Mac allowing you to mix your iTunes library
    - Capo ($49.99) - Learn to play the music in your iTunes library (Apple Design Award Winner)
    - Fantastical ($19.99) - Calendar application with natural language processing
    - RipIt ($24.95) - Rip DVD movies
    - iRip ($19.95) - Transfer songs from your iPod or iPhone to your Mac
    - Beamer ($15.00) - AirPlay any movie format (AVI, MKV, MKV, MOV, etc...) to your Apple TV
    - Copy Paste Pro ($30.00) - Clipboard enhancement
    - Code Collector Pro ($19.99) - Organize and share code snippets

    All apps together are being sold for $49.99 until December 9th. MacRumors is a promotional partner with MacLegion. Bundle sales through these links benefit MacRumors financially, and provide a way for readers to directly support this site.

    The first 5000 customers also get Alarm Clock Pro ($19.95 value) for free.

    Article Link: MacLegion Bundle: 10 Mac Apps for $49.99, Including Djay, Fantastical, and Capo
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    10 useless apps, that are, still, overpriced.
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    That bundle is amazing....

    counting only in TechTool and Freeway.....the another software is added value

  4. arn
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    Staff Member

    Capo actually looks very cool, though limited audience.

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    Sorry guys, I want exactly 0 of those applications.
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    Fantastical ($19.99) - Calendar application with natural language processing

    :D I have owned Fantastical for a while, and I must admit it's once of the most useful calendar tools I have ever used.

    How about typing this: Meeting with John Tomorrow 8pm to 9pm at AppleBees:
    Screen Shot 2012-11-19 at 12.49.15 AM.png

    However, 40$?

    - iRip ($19.95) - Transfer songs from your iPod or iPhone to your Mac
    Might worth a look..

    But Really? 40$?

    And Freeway Pro? Quite a joke.
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    DJay is now FREE on the iPhone and I'm sure it will become free for Mac shortly as they are releasing newer products...
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    Beamer seems to be potentially useful but that's only one app...
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    Useless comment, if you don't like it don't buy.

    CopyPaste for instance is an oldie and comes in handy many times.
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    Will TechTool Pro work with Fusion Drive?
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    Freeway Pro ($229.00)

    Who pays that kind of money for something like that?

    Maybe that is why its in a bundled deal, because no one is buying it
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    A Hebrew

    I have no use for any of these....better luck next time.
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    Good question. Fusion drive is too new so I doubt the devs would have been able to get it to work by now. Obviously the OS can handle a lot of hard drive operations, but there are some that the OS cannot.
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    And bring on the whining!

    Exactly. I have bought a bundle or two in my time and find that for the most part they are filled with low to average quality apps that will provide little use to many and are extremely overpriced when listed as an individual app. They bundle about 8 of those with one or two apps that are actually good and hope people will buy for that. Not to mention a lot of apps found in these bundles have free alternatives that work just as well, if not better.
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    Beamer is an app that sounds very interesting. The others? Not so much.
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    Yes, I agree, good question, I would not trust it unless it is confirmed to work by the makers of TTP.
    And, to Me DiskWarrior has always been the better choice.
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    Beamer works very well......
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    Stuttering problems at all?
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    The native calendar app does that, too.................................
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    Jessica Lares

    The freebie they gave out a while ago had some really cool apps, namely ColorStrokes and Thumbs, which are very useful. Not interested in any of these either.

    Whatever you do, download the trials first, they're there for you to download in the app descriptions.
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    Looks like mostly filler material.

    I bought some bundle sometime back, mainly for VMWare Fusion, and use...err...none of it. Or wait, it came with Phone to Mac and I used that to import the Contacts from my iPhone into my computer.

    Now I'm looking at Freeway Express ($79) as a replacement for the discontinued iWeb, and here comes this bundle, with Freeway Pro for only 50 bucks.

    Will I fall for it again? :eek:
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    Jessica Lares

    You are better off with RapidWeaver. Cough up the extra money, it's so, so, so worth it. Realmac Software are GREAT developers who have been at it for a pretty good while now and are behind Courier, LittleSnapper, Analog, and Clear. Beautiful software. I might sound over-the-top here, but them, along with Rogue Amoeba are my favorite Mac developers period.
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    I LOVE Rogue Amoeba's Audio Hijack Pro, use it all the time. Great tool.

    I think I checked out RapidWeaver a year or two ago, but then I thought Freeway Express looked easier to use. I tried the demo, but somehow the validation got corrupted and the demo expired after two days. Support couldn't help me and advised to try the Freeway Pro demo instead. I never did.

    I'll check out RapidWeaver again. Thanks for reminding me.
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    I didn't know that.. Calendar has evolved into awesomeness.

    But still seeing the Animation in Fantastical and being able to change in mid sentence is still nice
  25. Moshe1010, Nov 18, 2012
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    It's an open forum, and I can comment on whatever I like.

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