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Maclove cases

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by jedolley, Apr 13, 2011.

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    I was looking at iLounge and saw another smart cover compatible case by iLounge by Maclove. I've never heard of them before, but the case looks interesting. While checking out their site I noticed another case that looks pretty neat and may appeal to some people here (links below). I must warn that their site doesn't seem complete, I was trying to figure out if the cases were available now or for pre-order. I started an order to see if it would give me any info and it wouldn't even let me pick a color. I was going to send them an email, but the links at the bottom, specifically "contact us" don't seem to be working at least not for me in Chrome or Firefox.

    Maclove Jumper (Smart Cover compatible) $39: http://www.macloveworld.com/En/products.php?104&cPath=68

    Maclove Viscount (Leather folio case) $69: http://www.macloveworld.com/En/products.php?99&cPath=70

    There are other cases on their website, but these are the only two I found interesting.
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    These do look very nice. Thanks for the info. If you do find out more info, please let us know.
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    Shortly after I registered I got a generated email. In the email it stated if I have any questions I could contact the "owner". I sent him or them an email, but all my question were regarding the Jumper. I'll let you know what I find out.
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    I just checked out all the gallery pics and they do look very nice. I don't think they're actual photos though. Looks like they're computer generated mock-ups.
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    Yeah, very probable, but that's to be expected since most companies seem to be doing that.
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    I received an email back stating the Jumper is in stock and ready to ship within 1 business day. I just placed my order for a Navy Jumper to match my Navy Smart Cover.

    The site is a bit incomplete atm. When I asked the "owner" how I select a color to order, I was told to just email him. When I placed my order tonight I left my color selection in the order comments, and then sent him an e-mail after I completed the order.

    I also noticed this case is up on amazon as well, for a little more and shipping. Still no color selection so it will require sending the request to the seller.

    I'll keep you guys updated...
  7. inksofmemories, Apr 21, 2011
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    The Jumper looks really nice. Any reviews from those who got it already?

    Also, can someone give me the email of the owner? Every time I click into the contact link, it redirects me back to the home page.
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    The Viscount case looks awesome.
  9. batman75, Apr 22, 2011
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    I ordered this case yesterday and it has been shipped. Should have it by Thursday. I hope it is as good as it looks.
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    good luck...

    My experience with this site/seller has been frustrating. I ordered a Jumper last week and it was like pulling teeth to get an update about the status of the order and the tracking #. I received my order today and they sent the wrong color. In addition, either the case I received was defective, or just garbage... The parts near the smart cover cut out are REALLY loose, not even close to being a good fit (pics attached).

    I've sent an email to the "owner" and hopefully I get this taken care of.

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    Does Viscount have sleep/wake feature? And does it stay closed with magnets?
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    The site states sleep/wake feature, but does not mention if the magnets keep the lid closed.
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    Yeah it would suck if the lid doesn't stay closed.

    I'm a bit worried now after your post.
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    Well, I ordered the viscount, and it said I would receive order with 2-5 business days. I put in comments I wanted order canceled if not shipped within 5 days. I guess we'll see what it's like. It better stay closed with magnets.
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    Anyone ordered the marquess? Looks a lot like the viscount, just different stand method. The viscount sits up like the smart cover and that has proven quie top heavy and unstable for me unless it's on a table, no good for lap or bed viewing.
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    Mine shipped yesterday. Anyone get theirs yet?
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    I the jumper at the end of last week. To make a long story short, they sent me the wrong color, the fit is bad (the side near the smart cover cut out is EXTREMELY loose), and when I asked about the fit the "owner" stated it was not a defect. I told him I wanted a refund and would gladly send it back, but was not going to pay shipping. He refunded me the full amount, and told me to keep the case.

    Jimmy's response to the fit:
    Jumper case is suit and design with smart cover .That's technical problem . Because if it's not tight there , the case cannot used with the Smart Cover together so well . We couldn't take the Alongside go away easily .

    I hope those of you that ordered the other cases have a better experience and hopefully those cases are better quality than the jumper.

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    Got confirmation from company, that Viscount does stay closed by magnets.
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    I meant any others, as I saw your post. Glad to hear they refund full amount.
  20. brudog68, Apr 29, 2011
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    How did you contact them? I cant find anything. Their website sux, and little info on the products.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I read above.
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    I got the Maclove Viscount case. Unfortunately it is not very good. Here's my review:

    1) The leather is indeed good quality - and it smells like leather.
    2) The design is conceptually very good - I like the stand positions, and the rail system that holds the iPad is unobtrusive and strong grip. I felt the iPad was secure enough.
    3) Wake-sleep magnets work fine.

    1) The cover won't stay shut with the magnets. If you turn the case upside down the cover falls open.
    2) The case lacks precision design - they made it too thick which results in a gap between the cover and the screen (see below). This gap is probably the reason that the magnets can't hold the cover shut.

    3) Case is too thick. Almost twice as thick as the Toblino case. And because it is rigid it feels very thick. It reminds me of Dodo case in this regard.
    4) Feels boxy because of the flat spine as opposed to a curved wraparound spine that other cases have.
    5) May be difficult to return - the vendor so far responded to my return request with a statement that the case is great and everyone loves it. I sent him another email explaining the issues and requesting to return for refund.

    Bottom line
    A good idea badly executed. Not a usable case in my opinion given the thickness and the fact that it won't stay shut.

    Other pics:
  22. batman75, Apr 30, 2011
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    I have decided to return the Maclove case.
  23. batman75, May 5, 2011
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    I have decided to switch to the Maroo case instead of the Maclove. Still seeking in vein to get a refund on the maclove garbage.
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    I shipped my viscount back to china today. Was told they would refund once received. I used paypal resolution center to get response from them and I will continue with dispute through paypal if I do not receive refund. The case was horrible, thick, and did NOT stay closed with magnets.
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    Thanks for sharing. I also opened a dispute via paypal. I hope I get full refund too.

    Please can you PM terms you agreed? I want the full 89.99 back. Did you get that? Did you have to pay return shipping?

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