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MacMall Shipping Rebate? Does it really exist???

Discussion in 'Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion (archive)' started by gaijinjim, Aug 27, 2003.

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    Has anyone had this problem? :(

    I placed an order with MacMall yesterday asking for UPS Ground shipping so I could get the shipping rebate it is promoting. However, on checking order status, MacMall shipped it FedEx Overnight.

    Now the rep I talked to stated that they will not rebate the shipping fees, because it was shipped out FedEx, even though I had asked for UPS Ground.

    It's only $13 for FedEx and $11 for UPS and the max rebate is $30. However, they made the mistake in shipping methods and are now refusing to rebate/refund the money. :mad:
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    MacMall is a bunch of crooks and scam artists under the guise of being a reputable reseller.

    They'll find anyway possible to nickel and dime you to death the make extra profit. Their BBB rating is really shot to hell, also.

    (By the way, I live close to their headquarters/store and in person, they give off a shady vibe like a used car dealership.)
  3. iPC
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    $2 more to go from UPS Ground (dangerous) to FedEx Overnight (reliable) and you are complaining? Yes it is bad the MacMall screwed up... but it is $2 against you, and you gt your stuff faster.

    Try www.macconnection.com next time. My roommate says they are good (bought a iBook there when dual USB 500's came out).
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    Well, after the third call to MacMall. They stated that they will credit my card the shipping. It should be done within two days. I let you know if that really happens. I do have to save that I'm not impressed with the customer service at MacMall. It should not have taken that many calls. The first two calls it was a flat out no. This last one I was put on hold for roughly 15 minutes prior to a different rep coming on the line and saying that it would be refunded. Seems like they want customers to give up before MacMall will credit them.
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    Don't know about UPS Ground being dangerous. Never had a problem with them in the past.
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    hmm... good to hear. i started getting their catalog (dunno why, maybe the free subscription to macworld?) and thought about ordering an ext. fw hd from there...

    maybe not. i gotta shop around...
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    Yup, I am now leary about ordering again from them.

    Oh, iPC by the way they were going to charge me $13 for shipping. I wasn't talking about having to pay a $2 difference.
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    i would reccomend next time going to an apple store or a reseller. reseller ever more because they will have a good staff, the computer you, and they will work with you to match mail order, something apple will not do.

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    MacMall is an Apple Reseller
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    Sun Baked

    It's standard UPS Air that should be renamed.

    UPS = United Parcel Shredder
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    The reason I went thru a catalog reseller and not a brick-and-mortar reseller was money. One: no reseller here in the Seattle area will match a catalog/online reseller in pricing. Two: didn't have to pay Washington state sales tax which is 8.9%. Three: with the rebate I didn't have to pay shipping.
    So considering what I bought I saved $30 going thru a catalog reseller. I kinda wished I realized this this when I bought my PMG4. Could have saved at least $150 even with paying for shipping.
    Also, I have never been impressed with the staff at the various resellers around here or the Apple Store itself, so that really isn't a factor.
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    I've placed both personal and business orders with MacMall and had all but one rebate handled properly. That one is still pending and I plan to call them about it. You have to watch out with the shipping rebate: It is limited to a maximum amount, even if shipping costs more, it applies only to certain shipping methods, it applies only to personal, not business orders, and you have to submit your form within a certain number of days. All of these details are there when you read the details, but you have to pay attention.
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    Totally knew what I was getting in for prior to placing the order. Just didn't expect the garbage afterwards.
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    sounds like a pretty good deal and im sorry it didnt work out for you. and im sorry about your reseller encounters, some are good and some are bad, as for the apple stores, i havent been to impressed at all. i have been to 2 of them and none of the people are real cool or nice, they think their god or something (imagine that, an arrogant mac user :) ) i have been into a apple store many times and some person was talking to the genious and he didnt know the customers problem, but i did. i never told the genious though because i didnt want him to look like an idiot in front of his customer. and as for you legion, i know macmall is a reseller, i meant somewhere you can walk into, i thought you could tell that through the context :rolleyes:

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    Bad experience with MacMall

    I ordered a PB 15.2 from MacMall on 9/15. I was promised shipment on 9/17. Well it never arrived. Then the promise was on 9/23...guess what...didn't arrive. Then on 9/27...guess what...I cancelled and walked into an Apple Store and walked away with a new PB. My first Mac in a number of years after being mandated by my company to use Windows OS. Glad to be back.

    Stay away from MacMall is my advice. Now I'm trying to get them to take back the products the shipped without the Mac ($800+).
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    I'm had nothing but good experienes from Macmall. They even
    sold me Applecare for my Powerbook for $300 - that's $50 lower then everyplace else. I'm sure they make mistakes once in a while like every other reseller, but they did save me a total of $700 had I ordered the same setup from my local Apple Store.
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    Glad to heear that you had a good experience. Hopefully the $700 you saved I won't be eating in products that I can't use and they don't seem to be willing to take back.

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