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Discussion in 'Games' started by cb911, May 15, 2002.

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    ok, i've got macmame now, and i'm wondering if all the roms on the net are the same? can i just find any rom and use it in macmame? i don't need any special macmame roms do i?:confused:
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    Legal Bit:
    Just remember you need to own the ROM's to use it with an emulator!! ;)

    Okay then, there are a couple of versions of macmame, I've found that not every ROM works, but most do.... Like Outrun.....

    Just download the ROMs, don't decompress them though, and drop them directly into Macmame, hey presto.... instant retro fun!!
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    Outrun baby.....

    Outrun running on my TiBook...... oh they were the days..... Ferrari Testarossa, 50p sit down and drive..... I just loved Sega..... :D

    MacMame is so cool.......

    cb911 you sorted out some ROMs yet??
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    thanks iGAV. so most ROMS should work? i can download ROMS that are in .zip files? anyway, i don't have any ROMS yet. i'm getting cable internet on Monday, hopefully. i should be able to queue heaps of stuff before i have to go to college.:D

    is there any particular site that you have found has more macmame compatible roms than any other site?
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    Check out the MacMAME Messageboard

    I've be using it for years and we're a friendly bunch as long as you don't start crying about a PC version being out first or begging for roms, there's also a high score site that some of us (not me, I'm useless) use to compete with each other at various games.

    One old game you have to try is "Solomon's Key" I don't remember it myself but I am only 24, It's one of the most addictive platform puzzle games I've ever played. Kind of like Mario meets boulderdash.
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    Yep most ROMs should work, but you do get the odd one that doesn't..... that's the way it go's....

    What's really cool about the ROM's though is that they are ultra small in file size, Outrun for instance is like 1.3Mb and that's one of the larger ones... so you'll be able to D/L loads of them on cable....., remember though you can't use ROM's that you don't own licenses too!! :D ;)

    I use for most stuff, there's alot of links there, game history that kind of thing!!

    Enjoy!! :D ;)
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    Yep...... when you download them... DO NOT decompress them..... just drop the zip files in Macmame ROM folder......... hey presto!!

    As far as I know all ROM's should work on Mac or PC, it's just that certain ones require a certain type of emulator, I guess that's why they don't alway's load, that said out of 100 ROM's that I have, maybe 4 don't work with my particular emulator version... so it's not that bigger problem!!

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