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macmini Intel PLUS intel ibook?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by laidbackliam, Mar 2, 2006.

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    I currently have an order for a macbook pro (stock model) that is waiting to ship. I've been thinking about switching that to a core duo mini, and whatever the iBook replacement is (macbook, ibook, macJob, etc). Anyone here think this would be a good idea, or should i stick to my guns with the macbook pro?
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    It depends on what you're using it for.
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    it would mainly be a day to day, check the internet, some bit torrent, but i would also be using garageband/possibly logic express quite a bit too.

    but, i would like to be able to do some video editing at some point too. and i think the macbook would be the best bet for that.

    i'm excited about the macbook, and the last two weeks since ordering it have been like hell (first mac, been wanting one since the first iMac came out), with the release of the mini though, i was thinking it would be nice to have two, you know?
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    Keep the MacBook Pro order... a MacBook and a Mac mini does not equal the MacBook Pro.
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    yeah I'd keep the MBP order as well. I think if I had two computer I would be transferring files all the time. Plus the bigger screen on the MPB will be better for video editing. Just be patient.
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    i'm not joking when i say that i've thought about driving the two hours up to chicago to see if the apple store on michigan avenue has one i can buy.

    its taking so loooong.

    yeah, macbook pro seems the way to go, i'm gonna miss having a desktop though.....

    ha! scratch that, this thing is loud as hell, and when i hit control alt delete to see what programs are messing my computer up NOW, i don't always get menu buttons.
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    Or for a little extra money, there's the iMac ~ iBook G4/InteliBook combo?
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    Well we've all been waiting just as long as you.

    Although mine comes tomorrow.

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