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MacMini price drop?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by daniep01, May 12, 2008.

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    I have just visited the UK online store and noticed a 'new price' icon on the MacMini page, is this new?

    1.83GHz - £399.99
    2.00GHz - £499.99
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    No, they've had those prices for ages.
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    That's a bit naughty of them....people going to the online Apple store will think they're getting a good deal :eek: They should be £299/£399, maybe even lower in my opinion. :mad:
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    It's not there now. Are you sure you didn't mistake the 'New' sticker from the iMac next to it?
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    Lol, lets hold off on the mini price drop until next week. I've got mine on eBay right now and I'd like to get the most I can towards my iMac purchase ;)
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    I wonder if the Mini's price is indeed about to drop. If that's the case, is it being EOL'd prior to WWDC?
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    My guess is if foreign markets saw a price drop its purely due to price correction on the even-weakening exchange rate of the dollar. If anything, we'll see a price increase in the states ;) Since, you know, Apple isn't making as much on the mini any more.
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    patrick at apple store chat says:

    One moment while I check those details for you.
    you are correct, the mac mini has not decreased in price
    But the hardware that you can upgrade in this
    has been lowered making the overall price of an upgrade cheaper
    RAM and HD upgrade prices are now cheaper.
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    If that is the case, then it's extremely cheeky to put 'New Price' on a page that doesn't contain any items whose prices have decreased.

    I wonder what trading standards would have to say about that.
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    i agree.
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    That still seems deceptive to me. If you bought either of the standard models without configuring at all you'd still be paying the same amount as you did before the sign went up.
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    The prices in the German store where lowered in two steps :)confused:), first to 507 Euro and then to 499 Euro for the 1.83 Model, while the refurb 1.83 remained at 528 Euro (!!!!), now the refurb is the same price as new. In the case of the 2.0 same thing happened, but the refurb is 50 Euro cheaper than new.

    Edit: Keyboard and mouse still weights at 98 Euro, up from 70 or so when the white keyboard was out.
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    Can't but help feel that its a little unfair that stores using the euro get a price drop when the UK store doesn't, especially since the pound is worth a bit more, ripoff britain eh?
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    actually i've just checked these supposed cheaper ram and hd upgrade prices and they are exactly the same as they were before.

    i called in to query, they are going to find out what's going on and call back tomorrow.
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    Just went in to the Mac Mini store page, and once you click on 'Select' to get the configuration options, the price is listed (for the 1.83GHz version) at £398.99... so it is £1 cheaper than before!

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    I'm pretty sure they were always £398.99 though. But they are always advertised as £399. So thats 1p away from the £399 price tag, if they were £399.99, they would be 1p away from £400
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    Am I the only one who thinks that a penny drop in price doesn't count?
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    There hasn't been a penny drop in price.. it was always £398.99
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    Very shabby of Apple IMO.
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    Just had a chat :

    -Good morning
    -on the mac mini page t says 'new price' but pricing hasnt changed
    -i'm about to order one -but should i hold off - is the price coming down soon?
    -The price hasn't changed but the specs have been improved.

    You think she maybe accidentally let it slip - or you think she's just clueless?
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    The iMac also has a BIG "New Price" sticker on it on the store front page. I think it's Apple being a bit crafty rather than a sign of anything new.:mad:

    EDIT: I think the top 24" model price came down a bit, so ignore my comment lol
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    I just checked myself and a bloke said it was a mistake from a few weeks ago when the iMac was changed. He's asking for that flash to be taken off the site so check back later.

    I read into that the following:

    1. That flash has existed on the Applestore since the last time there were new prices for the Mini. They just accidentally made it live the last time major changes were made to the Applestore.
    2. The next Mac Mini could follow the same form factor as the current one with perhaps a price adjustment to go alongside the inevitable Santa Rosa spec upgrade.

    A Santa Rosa upgrade means a new motherboard which is an opportunity to change the form factor to match the Time Capsule and AppleTV footprint. We know the Time Capsule accepts a 3.5" hard drive so I'd like to see the next Mini come equipped for the extra storage.

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