MacMini stoped seeing my iPod 30GB Photo

Discussion in 'iPod' started by boneca, Mar 16, 2005.

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    I just came back from work and as always went to put my iPod in to it dock. Well nothing happened MacMini doesn't see it all of a sadden, no iPod icon no iPod connected in iTunes no auto pop up of iTunes on inserting. This morning I took it off as always disconnecting.
    This is the first time I see it, never had this issue with my 4GB iPod Mini.

    Any suggestion?

    p.s. I tried to connect iPod directly without dock - nothing, restarted MacMini - nothing.
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    Does the iPod Updater program see the iPod when you have it connected to the Mac mini?
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    how do I tell?
    btw the iPod itself working fine
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    Connect the iPod to the Mac, and then run the iPod Updater. It should be able to read the version info and serial number from the iPod... if it can't, then there may be a hardware issue somewhere (bad Firewire port, bad cable, bad connection at iPod).

    Another test: Plug the iPod into the Mac mini and see if the battery indicator on the iPod shows that it's charging. If not, again, there may be a hardware issue somewhere.
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    where I can find an iPod updater program? I remember using it ones but don't remember where it is.
    I'm using USB port to connect iPod as I'm using FW for LaCie HD.
    the battery showing that its charging
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    Good to hear that you're able to charge the iPod over USB... that tells you that at least part of the hardware is working correctly.

    The iPod Updater may already be on your hard drive... check in the Finder under Applications > Utilities > iPod Software Updater. If it's not there, you should be able to download it through Software Update, or from the Apple web site. Once you have it, run it and see if it sees your iPod.
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    I can't understand anything anymore. Its just doesn't see it, but on the same time its charging in the dock. I took my iPod mini and plugged it in and this one was recognized. Neither iTunes or iPod updater doesn't see the iPod photo.
    I even tried a little test connecting to WinXP pc thru USB and nothing happened.
    I tried to do reset holding Menu and Play/Stop but this isn't working for me ether.
    I don't know what to try anymore?
    help me out please.
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    I finally figured it out :( . Well I went to Apple iPod support forum and found out that allot of people were having the same issues using USB on they macs with iPod for some people USB didn't work with iPod from moment they bought iPod. I switched cables to FW and its working now.
    I have a question the Fire Wire port I was using to connect my LaCie HD FW800 the only FW port available on MacMini how do I dizzy chain the iPod thru LaCie in this configuration? I understand I don't have FW400 port on MacMini?

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    I think maybe last update. I've been reading apple/ipod forums and they suggested if you still wanna use iPod with USB you'll need to reset the iPod by holding iPod's Menu and Play buttons for 6sec 'till u see the Apple logo. I did this and right after it's started to work again ;)
    I'm happy now, but very surprised that Apple has such a big hole in USB support of they iPods (photo)

    thx, all for help on this.

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