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MacRumors' 2003 Rumor Rejects and Unconfirmed

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Dec 30, 2003.

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    Last year, MacRumors published our first 2002 Rumor Reject and Unconfirmed List. This compilation of unconfirmed and unverifiable rumors offered readers a look into the tidbits that never quite made it onto MacRumors.com.

    Surprisingly enough, a couple of these out-of-nowhere rumors came true in 2003. Apple-branded Presentation Software and Apple Music Sales rumors evolved into Apple's Keynote software and the iTunes Music Store, while hints of a 30" Apple Display have now graduated into a full fledged rumor over the past year.

    With the addition of MacRumors' Page 2 in early 2003, more of the 2003 unconfirmed rumors have already found their way into the limelight... however, a few unconfirmable stragglers remain:
    This list is published for interest's sake and should not be seen as claims or rumors from MacRumors.com.
  2. arn
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    Staff Member

    This year's list might be dredging a bit more... since Page 2 might have caught the more interesting ones.

    Of interest, the original 17" PowerBook hint didn't even make last year's reject list.

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    ok. now for the real post.

    arn. are these dodgy rumours from the same sources as the reliable rumours?

    maybe some of them are prototypes.
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    Let's hope for the best, like a nice g5 in the imacs.
    I don't beleive in an iMac as a dual cpu machine. And definetly don't beleive in a dual cpu powerbook. But well, as always -

    time will show
  5. arn
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    Staff Member

    No... that's why they are dodgy rumors. :)

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    so filtering out the good and bad sources then?

    so 2004 will hopefully be more reliable maybe :) here's for an exciting year of rumours - I wonder how many PDA rumours we'll get. lol
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    Every year brings new Rumors and best of all we all know that some come true.


    iTunes Store
    20 inch iMac

    04 we hope brings mini iPod

    30 inch desplays

    g5 i Mac / powerbooks ???

    hope so
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    Well I hope the Apple set top box comes true, at the moment I can stream TV accross my come network, but only my PCs with ATI cards can pick it up (I am using ATI's EasyShare).

    I cant see any need for an Apple DV recorder, but I think it is quite posible for Apple to integrate the iSight into its high end displays.

    I dont see any point in having dual cpu iMacs/PowerBooks, since a dual G4 will generate more heat than a single G5. I am expecting G5 iMacs and Powerbooks around June. Which is when I am intending to upgrade my Powerbook G4.:)
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    iSight Cameras built into both Apple LCDs and PowerBooks

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Laughable. This is likely the most preposterous idea I have heard all year. That's pretty good, considering that the year only has two days to go.

    The only way a camera would fit in a PB would be to increase the thickness of the machine by a damaging (marketing-wise) amount.

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    All you need to stream TV across your entire house (including to your Macs AND PCs) is a ReplayTV -- in fact, your Mac can act as another ReplayTV via DVArchive -- which includes being able to store and stream to any other set-top ReplayTV box or DVArchive equipped computer in the house....

    I for one would welcome an Apple-branded set-top box along the lines of the ReplayTV. Capture in Quicktime, send to Mac, edit and burn with iDVD or Toast? That sounds GREAT!

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    Anders A

    That's not true. Ever seen a camera phone? It might not fit into the display of a PowerBook (yet), but there are so many other ways of putting a camera in a laptop. Think diferent!
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    What? No Apple PDA?

    I'm suprised the many times the Apple PDA, tablet, and phone didn't make Arn's list (though I am probably mistakeing the numerous messageboard postings with the main page).

    Hmmm... Think Steve could be working on an Apple branded Space Shuttle controlled by Mac OS X? I hope it's the new X1 designs, and not the current Orbiter design. I'll bet he will save that for WWDC... :)
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    Have you SEEN the iSight? No way that thing's going in a PowerBook. They could probably pull it off if they use one of those el-cheapo cameras they stick in cell phones, but that kind of invalidates the referenced rumor. It didn't say just any camera, it said the iSight.
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    I think it's inevitable that cameras will make it into Apple's portables in some form eventually, in just the same way that microphones did before them. Anyone remember the Apple Mic that you were supposed to balance on top of your monitor in a manner reminiscent of today's iSight?

    The only problem for Apple is that they've made such a big deal of the camera being position above the display, that somehow they will have to achieve this on the laptops as well - it could potentially protrude from the top of the screen and nest in a recess between the wrist-rests, below the track-pad button when closed.
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    Too bad we can't have a "MR Forum Members Guess of Shame" list, you could throw up all the ($@%#) people thinking the G5 PB was around the corner (when told it wasn't), the iWalk, etc. (there's more but I haven't had coffee yet).

    Starting off this year I sure hope smaller iPods are going to come up in the rumor column as a hit while coloured iPods are going to wind up as miss.
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    Someone needs to come out with a monitor that a camera can see through -- imagine looking at the other person on the monitor and looking directly at the camera...is this possible?

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    Hi StoneMtn - patent it immediately ;)
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    Anders A

    Obviously the iSight - as it is - would never fit in to the PowerBook! I have them both. I'm just saying - you can put a camera in a PowerBook. It doesnt even have to be in the display. It could be down in the base (above the keyboard) in a 45 degree angle or something.

    Its possible - and i cant imagine it not happening - some day anyway.
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    Hey, what about the Gevalia Coffee brewer attachment w/USB 2.0?

    Perhaps we need a 2004 silly rumor prediction thread ...
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    I think there is enough of them already ;)
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    Re: What? No Apple PDA?

    Have you seen it taken apart? The camera itself it actually quite small, it's the accompanying circuitry that runs back through the case which takes up the room. It wouldn't be hard to separate the two, have the circuitry laying flat somewhere else in the machine and the camera (in the top) connected to it.

    The only other foreseeable problem with the current iSights is the lens size, which could mess with the aesthetics of the display. The other issue is what about the people who want a display without an iSight, they don't want to pay extra for something they won't use.

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    Dude, they have them in cell phones. You could probably get one into the screen frame thickness wise but the border is so narrow I doubt there is room without going to a bump or something.

    Technically its no a challenge. Aestetically its a nightmare.
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    Re: What? No Apple PDA?

    If there is ever a MacWorld Houston we'll know this one it true. :)
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    Silly boy. Everyone knows USB 2.0 isn't fast enought to brew coffee. You need FireWire 800.
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    I like the concept of these run-flat automobile tires with a high-speed link for data monitoring. If it's based on IEEE 1394, they could call it a ...

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