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Discussion in 'Community' started by G4scott, May 25, 2002.

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    I'm not sure if Arn, or any other MacRumors staff have thought about it, or tried it, or what, but I think it would be cool to have a MacRumors chat.

    I'm not sure if web-based chat would work, because every time i've tried it, it sucks, but if we started a chat room called "MacRumors" using AIM, I suppose it would work...

    So, go ahead, try to go to the "MacRumors" chat room. You need a AOL or AIM to get there...

    If there is a reason why we don't/shouldn't have MacRumors chat, please tell me, because I think it's a cool idea.
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    Good idea... maybe we could use IRC? Until iChat comes out, I'm sticking with ICQ...
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    It's been discussed before, but dropped as a probable failure. One of the great things about having a forum for posting is that time is not of the essense. Something can be posted, and a response is not needed within the next five seconds. People here have jobs, lives, whatever... but most importantly, they don't all live in the same time zone. Having things the way they are is a lot easier, and allows everyone to take part when it's convenient for them.
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    it'dd be a good idea, but there has to be enough ppl in the room for it to survive, the main irc room i go all the time used to have 10 ppl + in the room all day long, now the same room only has about 7 ppl in the room (same ppl all day long) and they rarely ever at the computer
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    True, there are problems, like people being in different time zones, and the such...
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    Macrumors Chat Room ?.....better not

    I enjoy logging on to Macrumors anytime I feel so.

    Sometimes just to have fun and to pass my time and then some other times because I need help or info.

    All the good info and news are accessible anytime and are archived.

    That would get lost if it would become a chat room and I think it would destroy the nature of "Macrumors".

    Even though it can be annoying when some people make it to a chat room (going trough whole pages of one-liners), yet it still has retained its unique nature and mix of people and that should NOT be changed :)

    thats my little contribution of wisdom this morning :p
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    macrumors chat would be bad
    what about the people out of america and in different timezones
    americans would be in and bed ans aussies just getting up and you couldn't talk to many people

    and about ichat ambitiouslemon said it wasn't that good
    he said he would prefer adium
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    ok. just checking out what other people have to say about a MacRumors chat. Thanks for the insight.
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    yes i've always thought it would be a good idea especially in conjunction with the "holy threads, batman..." thread. if we could direct some of this community discussion to a chat room it would probably be helpful to newbies as it would not be as overwhelming to read through posts and weird inside discussions.
    but a chat room would be more like talking to some one person to person. i would hope none of the actual mac rumors would move there though. because, like resm said, they wouldn't be documented. it would just be a nice place to socialize with people with similar interests.
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    simple solution...

    I created a "macrumors" buddy list on my AIM...

    so I can chat with whomever I please from the site...

    that is...those who are on AIM... :D
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    Re: Macrumors Chat Room ?.....better not

    resm, a Macrumors chat room would not destroy the nature of MR, nor would it harm the forums or the website... It would just provide a different medium to forums or website to express opinions, ideas etc.

    I think that a chat room would be a great idea -- just try it for a while, see how it works out and if it's a complete failure -- well, no one will use it will they. In the meantime, use Chatzilla or whatever your favourite IRC client is and log onto dalnet and look for the #macrumors channel. If it's not there already, just create it...

    That's #macrumors on dalnet. Please support it!
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    if anything, it should be IRC but it probably won't be successful anyway...IRC is the biggest timewaster I have come across in my years of chatting...and I rarely have time for it nowadays anyway...
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    Well, during the week, I sometimes have time to chat. My AIM is Backtothemac, and the wifes is MrsBacktothemac. Drop us a line sometime.
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    Mr. Anderson

    I'm not much of a chat person. The nice thing about the boards is that you can always go back and read something, with chat it always ends up being difficult to keep up a conversation if you don't have the time to follow it.
  15. arn
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    There will be an IRC Chat for Macrumors during the next "big event".... Mac World NY....

    This might help prevent the site from getting swamped... :) We'll see...

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    damn...u think? he he he...:D

    I'm glad will definitely help out I'm sure...I hate it when I cannot get through anywhere on the site during the big events...:rolleyes:
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    Mr. Anderson


    Now that's an idea, but how will we know what's going on? Will there be a moderator that will spout the good bits as they become available? Discussion is one thing, but most members would be sitting around waiting to see what happens, then try to post furiously to be the first saying 'OMG, that's so friggin cool'

    But I'm all for it if it reduces the number of people on the site.
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    Re: Hmm long as I'm able to actually connect to the site...I'm happy! :D
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    Mr. Anderson

    Re: Re: Hmm

    You want to place odds that it freeze again? We'll definitely have some server issues, but maybe not as many members as WWDC online at the same time. Who knows, it should be crazy no matter what happens.
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    Re: Re: Re: Hmm

    hmm...what odds are u putting it at?? ;)

    I'm sure there will be some issues...but hopefully an IRC will alleviate much of them...
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    Re: Re: Re: Hmm

    Your title is going to start getting a bit long. Demi-God, Moderator, and now Macrumors Book-keeper??? :D

    Each macworld the level of traffic seems to rise. If the server was slightly overloaded last time round, i hate to imagine what's going to happen at NY...
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    Mr. Anderson

    I would lay odds that it will, without a doubt, deny people from posting, even with the IRC.

    $1 to your $5 says so

    (my limit is $50, so that would put you at $250)

    care to wager eye?
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    count me in...but I'd stay at that $5 wager rather than the $50...he he he ;)

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