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MacRumors.com mentioned on TechTV

Discussion in 'Mac Scene' started by tazo, May 19, 2003.

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    on tonights 'the screen savers', kevin rose mentions a rumor of a new pioneer dvd burner being included in powermacs; he says the rumor is from MACRUMORS.COM

    just thought that was pretty cool.
  2. arn
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    Re: mr.com mentioned on TSS


    well, I think he misread the report:


    I simply mentioned that Pioneer announced a new model of a drive that Apple uses.

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    MacRumors.com mentioned on TechTV

    I was just watching "The ScreenSavers" on TechTV, and they were talking about new superdrives. Leo asked if there was something on one of the mac rumors sites, and another guy on the show said macrumors.com.

    i don't know if macrumors is mentioned regularly on techtv or not.

    Glad to see the site is getting some exposure! :D

    [edit] looks like tazo beat me to posting it :)[/edit]
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    Laslo Panaflex

    Kevin didn't say that they were going to be in powermacs, he said that there is a new pioneer drive coming out, and that macrumors had info on it.
  5. arn
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    that makes more sense... :)

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    sorry for posting in the wrong forum :(
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    yeah he had macrumors.com listed as one of his favorite sites so finding news here is not a surprise. His forums are growing at kevinrose.com but they are kinda crappy.
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    Arn better start saying for another server, you might become too popular. :eek: ;)

    Just lets never hope we get /. see macrumors go bye-bye.
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    kevin rose is the coolest guy on that show. leo is cool too. patrick is annoying.
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    i like that mac guy, whats his name Brett Larsen or something? he is cool. :)

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