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    Ok, within the last week or so there have been two mention's of Arn's wonderfully informative site in the mainstream press.

    Is this slack journalism? I don't care, i just think its cool that that the site and the forums are getting lots of exposure.

    I think a couple of rules are in order though
    • Do not referrence other rumor sites - otherwise this would turn into 'Loop-ed Rumors':p
    • Ok that's it really, unless anyone else can think of something...

    So here are the first two:

    Thoughts on 'Gobi'

    The Russians have 970/xStation!

    EDIT: Ok, the russian site seems to have been taken down, so here's the original thread i stole it from...

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    Re: Sightings

    Woah, MR made the Reg?

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    I um try and get exposure for the site; I go to compusa and bestbuy, and open up the site on all the pc's. :)
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    Re: Sightings

    the link's not working for me. :confused:

    lol...i've never thought of that! :D
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    on THESCREENSAVERS today, Kevin Rose, mentioned a rumor from our beloved

    I posted a thread about it in the community discussion forum.

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    Re: Re: Sightings

    There's a Mac shop in London that had one machine running about 12 LCD screens - I went in and left my website on them, maybe next time I'll leave MacRumors on it!
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    Well, I only gained interest in MR a few years ago when a product was leaked to the public.

    I then found out the whole Mac under-ground rumour system.

    But sadly I have had to join several times as other accounts would not function properly.
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    in the apple store i set macrumors as thehome page;)
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    :( Trouble is, don't they clean install about every day or so?
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    I know the compu usa here doesn't do a clean install everyday. They will go through and clean things up people put on/mess with - but don't normally do a total clean install.

    I like the idea of putting the website as the home page. Me thinks it would be rather funny to set the Apple page as the default for all the PCs in a computer store and then watch a sales man make a pitch and show them the web function.
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    I think it was the times that Mentioned MR after many great people in our Fourms contributed in finding out where "Mr. Christmas" was located and attempting to get that guy his computer back...ahh the MR memories...
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