Macrumors down?

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by idkew, Aug 11, 2004.

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    I get that whenever I connect to

    it is me or

    highly doubt its me...
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    Works for me. Sounds like the MR servers need a real hard slap on the side and a kick in the ass.
  3. jsw
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    Yup. Both and these forums have had beaucoup problems over the past few days. Some serious maintenance needs to be done....
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    I just had a bunch of forum errors. First it said there was a database error, then eventually I got an error saying the servers were too busy. I just got access to the forum back a second ago.
  5. jsw
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    Same here. It's just getting worse....
  6. emw
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    If this place wasn't so damn great, maybe people would leave it alone. As it is, I agree we're probably looking at the need to upgrade the systems a little bit...
  7. jsw
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    But the load's pretty small now - the site has handled a lot more traffic before. As Sun Baked noted in a related thread, the site needs to go down for maintenance. arn has been busy, and now some cobwebs need to be cleaned out....
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    i hate it when you go to check something and then the site is down! it would be worse if you had a problem and were trying to fix it quick! damn sleepless g5! :mad:
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    Yes, I had a server overload message yesterday and today. It's very frustrating. Hopefully arn will be able to upgrade capacity. With all the new Mac's now there may just one that would suit the forum's needs.
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    Maybe we should all become contributors so we can get some new hardware in there. The errors really don't mean much fun for me.

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    if i get a pint glass, i will.
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    i had the same problem mentioned at the begining of the post as well. how does one become a contributor?! i think it would be worth it to help out! im a poor college student and dont have much money, but im sure even a little would help, right?
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    down again...

    and forums are timing out..

  14. jsw
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    #14 should work for you if you're logged in - else, just go to "User CP" in the toolbar and go to "Paid Subscriptions" in the left column.

    Note that there's a backlog - I paid three weeks ago and have yet to see an acknowledgment. Still, as long as it helps the site....
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    With the update of the forums, the private forum with the contributors link probably isn't visible to non-contributors.... I guess Arn needs to address that. Here is the link....
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    Is Macrumors running underneath someone's desk at home? :) Cool site anyway
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    down again...
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    mad jew

    The forums are slow but it's still working for me. Wow. Old thread. :)
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    Well as of Tuesday June 8th @ 1813GMT is no loading. Only the MacRumors forum seems to be working.
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    Down for me too. I'm in the UK. Down on both wifi and 3G so it's not a problem at my end.
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    It was hell just to get to this forum, is there a alternative for whenever this happens :confused: like a life boat
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    This is twice in two days. Sounds like they need a new server to me!
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    Everyone turn off your wifi, then I'm sure it'll load ;)
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    I think that one's going to go down in history. In fact, I think i'll just start recommending that as a general fix.
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    Well (at least for me) The site is up, however there are no news stories on the page.

    Hopefully whatever comes after 802.11n will be able to accomidate a larger base of users, but that will definitely go down in history. I wish they didn't cut out so much of the boo-boo's in yesterday keynote (gotta love "VERIZON!")

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