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MacRumors got it right when it said the iPod wouldn't sell

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by Batman89, May 9, 2013.

  1. Batman89, May 9, 2013
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    And we'll get it right again when we say that iOS7 going flat is going to be a huge disaster.

    You just watch.
  2. jacobss, May 9, 2013
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    Another analyst coming out of the woodwork.
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    Wow, good one, Bro.:cool:

    I'll sure be watching!:rolleyes:
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    I'll estimate this iOS has the most updates ever ;)People are gonna love it.
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    Just another ranter without clear statistics to back up his own claim.
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    The comments are hilarious, bet they feel silly now.
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    Comments on the original iPhone and iPad are already silly. Can't wait to see that happens to iOS 7
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    Lots of people will say its crap regardless of how good or bad it is or before they get a chance to use it.
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    Ha what a flashback that was. I could spend a whole afternoon (if I had nothing better to do...like my job) just replying to those original comments.

    If I have learned anything during my time as an Apple fan, its to just go with the flow. Apple usually gets it right, even when at first you might think they have gone mad.

    I thought the iPhone 4 looked TERRIBLE when it first came out as the new hardware, and now I still think its the best looking smartphone on the market (even above the iPhone 5).

    Bring on iOS 7. I am ready for whatever they have to throw at us!
  12. MHaynes772, May 16, 2013
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    Must be my ex wife.
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    When did MacRumors say that?
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    iOS 7 won't be flat and "completely different"

    My reason:

    Apple and most developers cannot do a fresh OS from the ground up, changing everything with six months. There is just not enough time. Maybe with iOS 8, sure. I doubt iOS 7 though.
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    Yeah, a guy who calls himself "Batman" on an internet forum surely knows what he's talking about :rolleyes:
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    To be fair the iPod really didn't sell until nearly 3 years later with the introduction of USB connectivity. the itunes music store helped too. From there it took off.

    The Apple TV on a somewhat similar track atleast 3 years in. Not sure if it'll skyrocket in sales though.
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    I totally agree. I was laughing a lot at the comments. Way to many negatives with people saying it wouldn't sell, why do they need this when other mp3 players are around, etc...
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    And a $100 price drop. And then another $100 price drop for the iPod Mini.
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    My first iPod was the old 20gb click wheel. I miss that old thing, but it failed on me within a year. I wish I still had my iPod classic. I had my last one for about 3 years (I went through about 2 of them prior), until it ended up dropping on the sidewalk and stopped working, otherwise I would have still had that thing
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    nah, i dont think so. i think that the flat design will actually make the iOS look more attractive.
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    I think he meant forum users!

    It was really entertaining reading the negative comments about iPod!
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    Oh dear.....This can only end badly....I'm fairly sure that Apple can happily survive without amateur market analysts whose predictions appear to be groundless.:D
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    I want to hurl when I still see this thread on the thread page.

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