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Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 22, 2007.

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    With the release of the iPhone and growing activity in our forums, I thought I'd remind users of these helpful areas of the site that may make browsing MacRumors more enjoyable:


    MacRumors/iPhone - we separated additional tips and stories of interest to iPhone owners onto a separate page. "Significant" iPhone related stories will still be cross-posted to the main site.

    Mobile - more compact form of MacRumors and Page 2 for mobile phone users. - more compact form of our iPhone blog for mobile phone users.
    mobile forums - mobile friendly forums

    Forums - one of the most active Apple related forums. Register to participate. - Real time view of new posts on the forums.

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    Excellent idea.It helps the clarity a lot.
    Thanks arn.;)
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    If it keeps Mac and iPhone topics seperated, its a good thing. :)
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    Don't forget the "iPhone Friendly" skin you can view the forums with. Can be found on the bottom left of the page.
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    Heck, MR is a mere 50,000 posts away from 4,000,000. :eek:
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    thanks again Arn and the rest of the macrumors team :)
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    yeah, cool :)
    (no iphone is australia til 2008 - so i dont care so much)
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    Excellent, I love the spy feature!
  9. arn
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    Staff Member

    I agree... the spy feature really makes browsing the forums very interactive/enjoyable. It's hard for me to browse without it.

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    Can we start a text messaging service for front page updates?
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    I forgot about the IRC chat :eek:
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    I'd like to see a "spy" tab up top. I see it under forums, but then I'd have to go there first. Or maybe a link at the top of the right column, above recent forum comments?
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    mac 2005

    What's up with the negative ratings for this post? Every time I swear I'm going to ignore the rating system, a post like this one catches my attention.
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    I hear you. I swear I'm going to ignore posts where someone asks, Who rated this as negative? but then a post like this catches my attention.

    I just don't get the ratings system. Do people need to see how others fell before they make up their mind?
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    I agree with the previous 2 posts.
    Why something so innocuous as this topic gets any negative votes is beyond me.

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