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Discussion in 'Community' started by eyelikeart, May 23, 2002.

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    I think we've spent enough time here to determine certain personalities of many here...

    we know that Alpha is always up to open up a can of whoop-@ss on someone...but he's also highly knowledgable when it comes to hardware...

    jefhatfield is the "old & wise" man on the boards....always having a lot to add to a discussion...

    mac15 is the guy who changes avatars more than he changes his underwear...
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    Mr. Anderson

    Re: Macrumors & Personalities

    eye is......

    Don't leave yourself open like that, you're just asking for trouble.

    I'm a geek, like so many others here. But a happy one.

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    Ensign Paris

    well, you can learn alot about me here:


    the site is along way of being complete, for instance the Win2k server has fowled up, the images don't load, but they do on my Linux server (just gone out of server) ah well, next upgrade will be to an xserve (just so you know the server type isn't my choice)

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    Re: Macrumors & Personalities

    Bwahaha... :D

    I'm the guy who likes Macs. (Wow, THERE's a unique one! :p )
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    Re: Re: Macrumors & Personalities

    I am hoping it does not lead to any flamewars....but I was curious to see how u guys saw each other based on what takes place here... ;)
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    guy is a happy go lucky smiler.....

    or so it'd seem


    3rdpath seems quite easy going and takes time to enjoy the world and also tries to take care of it... along with most others here of course.

    b2tm recently brought out his emotional side. how cute. :p

    duke: does it all...

    mc68k likes to try new music.. ha.
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    Jello is a Tiger in waiting.

    Eye, is the guy who will talk about anything except Politics and religion.

    Cleo and Macette are activists.

    Alpha is an ex bouncer who starts every story with, "When I was a bouncer" :p jj

    Rower is very calm, very well thought out person

    Ensign is a card

    Mischief is a pie eating champion

    Jeff is a psychiatrist (what with all the macs and ..... threads)

    Duke is a modern day artist

    Mac15 is byavatar :D

    Mcrain is a spy, we are all going to get audited.
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    ROTFLMAO!!! :D :D :D
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    tell me what that means please. :)

    there's probably a reference in there i'm just not smart enough to get....

    edit: ohhhhhhh! tiger woods!!???

    haha. that's even funnier..... dare to dream. 89 is not too tigeresque. haha
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    He, he, did you like the subtleness of that one. Lets see who else....

    Remember the guy in High School that everyone slapped in the back of his head and either a) threatened to beat up every day, or b) actually did beat up every day? That was Gocyrus. :D

    Travis secretly works for the salvation army. Put those skills to work boy!!!!

    Beej is a secret Hollywood movie producer that dabbles in the *cough* adult movie buisness. Hence the hardcore avatar. He also produces a magazine called, Smoking fetishes :D
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    haha, indeed i did. quite nice.

    and i like the travis one indeed. where is he to read it? i miss him.... right
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    haha! I cant believe people still mention GoCyrus....

    What a tool! :p
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    Teabgs is a male dancer.
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    What did you say that movie was called again...I must rent it.
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    now jello...

    I'm shocked that u didn't mention me in that list of people...

    afterall...I did put your name in bold lettering as to who I'd like to meet...he he he ;)
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    The movie is pecker, and as you can tell, it scarred my brain. Every time I see your name I chuckle.
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    Ok, well you all know me.

    If you don't well I was caught jacking off today like an hour ago. My mom walked when I was and well she saw me holding it. Also, she said :Are you doing something private?" Me "No, (puts arm over there) my stomach hurts" My mom walkes up. I hit command H. She starts talking about things like school and i'm there with lotion on my arm leaning over :(

    Now ya know me :p

    Anyone else been caught, it was very akward for me :(
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    hmm....I'm not sure if that's something we all needed to hear about...

    but to answer your question....NO :eek:
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    That is so true. Do you still have man tits? :eek:

    In real life, I...
    listen to new rock music
    am funny
    am profane
    am popular at class
    am intelligent
    am a dedicated Mac user
    always try to insult PC users at class when an error pops up
    am an expert in Math (I am 16 and already working on Calculus)
    am a dedicated education person.

    On the forums, I...
    listen to new rock music
    try to get a lively discussion going
    can be profane
    am an even stronger dedicated Mac user.

    And if we can stay away from GoCyrus for a while, we should be much less ticked off.

    Fear the King.
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    Yeah sorta, (not really) :/

    Anyway, the left one is bigger and the right one smaller because I'm right-handed so if i'm going to walk the dog 3 times a day. I lose fat on the right side so thats why the left man-tit is bigger.

    What's your fav bands? Cradle of Filth? They kick ass :p
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    Sounds to me as if you *wanted* to get caught. What's with not even locking the door, eh?
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    I can't believe you saw that movie and associated it with his name!! I did the exact same thing!!!

    Not two hours ago I tried to explain it to a coworker who asked why I was laughing. He didn't seem to get it. So I warned him that it would get him kicked out of a male nudie bar. Ha!!

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    No locks, I wish we had some :(
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    Hmmm. Where the hec did this discussion come from and go to?:D
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    Does humility fit anywhere on your list?? You might try to squeeze it between popular and Math expert.

    I think the point was to let others comment on your personality.


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