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Macrumors slow... good for me!

Discussion in 'Community' started by mymemory, Jun 5, 2002.

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    It is incredible but when Macrumors is full of news I can build a web site in one or two week, but now I can develop 2 or 3 in one week !!!

    I do not want to think of the ammount of hours I spend here in a regular day.

    ...if I had a penny:)
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    Re: Macrumors slow... good for me!

    someone once said if I got .10¢ per post...I couldn't even afford to buy an iPod...

    shoot for .25¢ per post instead...it's a better deal ;)
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    Heck, guys, I'll take per post! Money's money as far as I'm concerned. :D

    P.S. eye, your ".25¢" reads as one quarter of a cent... doesn't seem like such a hot deal to me... ;)
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    I've been here for quite a while, and even though the idea to get paid for posting on this great site is cool...$3.86 won't even buy me an Apple sticker. Oh well...maybe I'll donate it back to the site.

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    Mr. Anderson

    Its a temporary thing for me, I think. Some day I'm going to really get back into my work and you won't see me around for a while. It does suck up your time, that's for sure.

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    actually....1 cent would be designated as .01 in decimal form...

    25 cents would be .25...

    1 dollar would be 1.00...

    or am I just in need of some rest??? :eek: :D
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    that's how i feel too.

    it kinda cheapens the "relationships" with the people here though doesn't it?
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    .25$ would be 25 cents

    .25¢ would be 1/4th of a cent

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    but you had ".25¢".

    that's .25 cents.

    not $.25

    you see?

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    "relationships" hunh?

    Now who's all "touchy-feely"? :p ;)
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    who was touchy feely before?

    oh, and you know what i mean jerkass :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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    Does that ring a bell?

    Zip it!:D
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    ok...now I feel like I'm losing my mind...

    why...oh why is it that I don't get tired like everyone else?! :eek: :confused: :rolleyes:
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    haha. you're funny

    for a computer nerd.

    oh and duke- it's not fair to post in a closed thread and not allow for response. just showing off the mod status.... bleh.

    touchy feely's cool. not!
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    I get a touch of insomnia sometimes too...especially if I don't get any exercise.

    And, no eye', 100+ posts doesn't count as exercise. :p
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    you're funny...for an unemployed video...guy...:eek:

    eye' did it too...not fair!:mad:
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    Think if you got 1.00$ a post. It would then be a living and FUN to post on MR!
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    unemployed? interesting.

    guess you haven't been following today's news! ha.

    yeah, they're just showing off.

    "oh, who closed that thread?" "not me". blah blah blah... right!
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    that's the weird part...I exercise almost religiously...today I did some biking & did weights after....

    the more dedicated I am to it...the less sleep I require...I truely think I'm a freak or something.. :eek:
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    Re: Idea


    and a 50 GHz quad G8 would be great.

    are you putting up the buck/post or what?
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    Very weird...

    Maybe an endorphin high keeping you up? You work out right before bedtime?
    Extra stimulus, such as using a computer (hint, hint) can also keep you awake.

    Get some quiet time...read a book...let yourself relax and you'll probably nod right off.:)
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    Mr. Anderson

    The Evil Eye closed the thread, but the good moderator openned it.

    Who's got a G8?
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    Speaking of insomnia...what's up with you d-mod?

    jello' has the excuse of not having a job, but you're up late for a working stiff.

    It's only 9:48 here in CA, Greg the Bunny is on the tube...what's your excuse?
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    sure sure.... hglm would never do that! or would he......

    the same guy that has a buck per post....
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    sweet. i had a hand in naming the two mods up in this piece... ha. i'm worthless.

    oh, i got a job today. thought you'd have put that together. it's kinda part time allowing me to do freelance stuff and other personal fun projects (e.g. bounce with me don't bounce against me with d-mod). etc. so i'll still have time to post. "luckily" for you all...

    i think it's a power rush keeping him awake.... :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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