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Macrumors Warcraft 3 Announcement!

Discussion in 'Games' started by Macmaniac, Jul 2, 2002.

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    There is one day left until War 3 hits the streets, I ask whoever gets it first among the Macrumors members here to create channel MacRumors as soon as you get on Bnet. If I get it first I will make it but anyway make sure if you want to be in the clan have {Mac} in front of your name!
    {Mac}Warrior reporting in!
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    you know what we need? We need the US army to port Americas Army to Macs also and have it ready by thursday!!!


    The Best tactical FPS made by the US Army! totally FREE game also, doesnt cost a cent!
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    wheeee warcraft 3 shipped today! (atleast my order from Apple.com)

    Oh well, I'm going out of town for a week, so i won't be able to play it.:(
  4. job
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    I'm going to try and buy my copy from the Apple store along with my new tower, RtCW, and MoH : AA sometime before Sept. 1st. Too long of a time to wait....Arggg..... :p
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    yeah AA sounds like a good game im ordering it for pc but it's gonna take time to port. I'll look forward to playing War3 w/ u guys. It'll be even more fun to play ut2k3 w/ {Mac} infront of my name. Now I just need to get a copy of War3 it looks good enough so I'll probably search the local stores for it tommorow.

    - {mac}spuncan
  6. job
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    "To port.." Ehm, I don't know if you already knew this or not, but MoH : AA for Mac is already in stores. My local CompUSA had about 20 copies in a large display in the Apple section of the store.
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    sorry i meant AA as in Americas Army a UT based game that puts u in a real life soldeirs position as a recruitment pusher.
  8. job
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    Oops. My mistake. Yeah, I saw a video for America's Army. Looks very nice indeed. And it is free! The only thing is that it runs on the next gen UT engine, so I think it is likely that we will see UT2k3 before we see AA for the Mac.


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