MacRumors' Webcast Stats during the MWSF 2007 Keynote

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 14, 2007.

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    On January 9th, 2007, MacRumors delivered live updates of the Macworld San Francisco 2007 keynote speech given by Steve Jobs. Since no live Quicktime stream was made available, Apple fans had to rely on live web updates to follow the action. This year, we successfully incorporated near real-time photos into our keynote transcription.

    After analyzing our logs files (22.4GB), we've posted a detailed summary of the MacRumorsLive system and the traffic it was able to serve.

    In short, we peaked at over 213,000 simultaneous web visitors during the keynote and delivered over 408GB of data during the time surrounding the keynote event. If not for the efficiency of the MacRumorsLive webcast system, the same webcast would have generated almost 1 terabyte of data in the same short window of time.

    In order to deliver near-real time photos, we had to temporarily expand our resources and incorporated Cachefly's content delivery system, Amazon's Simple Storage Service, and Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud Service.

    The final archive of the keynote transcript remains available.

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    keep up the good work
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    Could you perhaps list the cost of a project like this? It might motivate people to donate to the site.

    And yes, this is the next best thing from seeing it in person.
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    dang. but yes, keep up the good work!
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    Excellent work! keep it up
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    I'm surprised that the non-AJAX data transfer wouldn't come out to even more than a terabyte. AJAX, and the auto-refresh system used, made MacRumorsLive very bandwidth efficient.
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    Wow, those are some impressive numbers!

    Keep up the great work so I can get up at an ungodly hour next year! :D
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    I loved it!

    MacRumors was my one source for info from the MWSF Keynote and I found the coverage to be thrilling!!! I was on the edge of my seat awaiting each new update - which was always just a few seconds away.

    Later, watcing the QT video of the event I felt as though I hadn't missed a thing. And the photos made me feel as though I was there!

    Thanks so much for all your hard work in making an exciting day what it was.
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    Thanks to MR, and to whoever was there typing away!

    I made a point of clicking a few ads, just in case that supplies a few cents of support.
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    Sometimes it seems almost silly that so many people want to hear the keynote news the split second it happens, and not wait 5 or 10 minutes while somebody prepares a nice written summary for them.

    But the numbers speak for themselves; the play-by-play instant updates are hugely popular.
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    And Macrumors continues to impress. Thank you for the live web updates!
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    IMO, the keynote reporting from Macrumors was much, much, much more up to date, faster, and better than last year.

    The system worked very well. Congrats to you guys for very good and up to the minute keynote reporting!

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    How close did we come to breaking the all time forum record.
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    Great job Macrumors!!!

    i know i was one of those streams and i am appreciative of the coverage.

    thanks guys
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    How did Macrumors get into ECC? I thought there were like 10 spots in the world.

    Awesome throughput though. When your *logs* are 22GB, you know you moved a lot of content.
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    i agree. excellent job!
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    Congratulations MacRumors!
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    a minor moan I found the live images to be a good addition but so small that they did not provide much detail. I jumped over to engadget to see their massive pictures - they seemed to have a better location in the hall too? They seemed to have heaps more text coming up on the site - maybe they have more resources/people? Whatever, I somehow trust MR more and congratulate you on another excellent event coverage.
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    A few issues... I think next time we will offer both.... fast/transcription text and longer summary paragraphs. We probably will try to increase photo size... but the original thought was that smaller/more photos would give more of a realtime feel to it.

    They probably do have a better location in the hall... as Engadget gets media passes for the keynote, unlike MacRumors.

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    The 1TB figure assumes perfect caching of images & other static content, which of course wouldn't be the case in reality. It would probably have been much more but it's difficult to calculate exactly how much so I stayed on the safe side.

    They emailed a "select group of developers" about it originally (whether that means 100 or 10,000 I have no idea) but I think you had to be pretty quick to get in - I signed up 20 minutes after I got the email.

    The size of the logs amused me for a bit, until I came to having to process the things! I didn't dare try and use awstats to process the whole thing, instead I only used it to process the HTML/XML logs, but even then they were almost 7GB and awstats took about 9 hours to run.
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    A really impressive set of stats. The pictures add a lot to the overall service.
    Great job.
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    Macrumors had (BY FAR) the quickest updates ... while Engadget was slightly more detailed ... it was about 5 to 10 minutes behind during most of the keynote and I really really liked Macrumors auto update feature. Good job Arn.

    Did you apply for a media pass and get turned down? I would take issue with that with IDG ... I didn't see any Engadget staff on TV TWICE discussing MacWorld Expo and I certainly consider this site news/news reporting. I'll bet Bill Palmer got media passes ... for iProng ... if so that's a severe injustice (vs you NOT getting one).
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    Great Job!!

    i had streams going from 3 sites. all considered themselves more or less live/quick refresh.
    MacRumors site was BY FAR the best.
    -refreshed without fail with new info
    those are the only important things.
    other sites by comparison: sometimes didnt refresh, or refreshed with no new info and also had extraneous comments and sometimes wrong/mis-heard info.
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    Enjoyed the Ride

    Thank you.
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    Nice stuff.

    Interesting to see a peak at 12p,, :) All those lunchers.

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