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Discussion in 'Console Games' started by gamerz, Apr 11, 2007.

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    Anyone want to start a halo 2 clan or party group on xbox live??? I know theres a computer one but we need one for people with xbox's. We need around 16ish people... at least enough for a good game.

    So if you want to then post your gamertag and we'll try and get a good game going or a clan (hopefully)

    Once again this is for XBOX... I made that mistake on the other thread...

    So far we have:

    The Riggz
    Ichi Dynasty

    Lets get some more!

    and apparently some new maps are out! Still trying to download also...

    And if a few of you have a beta invite or code, post that gamertag also.
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    I'm an OK player.

    GamerTag: G5Unit91
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    Doesnt matter what your skill level is... As long as we get a good game going. A few more people would be nice. We need at least 8.
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    I rarely ever play anymore, but mine is: AngryAgentBauer
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    I'm game....I don't play Halo 2 much but I'll give it a shot IF we really play and not just sit around not doing S***.

    Gamertag: The Riggz

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    CMON!!! We need some more people that play more frequently. I know there are at least 10 of you out there.
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    i won't be a frequent player till June... but my gamertag is sb58.
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    hehe, love your screen name. :) :) :) :)
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    I've been waiting for someone to do this.

    my gamer tag is RAMP CHECK.

    I'll be on tonight.

    theres new maps coming out tomorrow so this is perfect timing.
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    Halo 2 group anyone?

    Hey, I've already made a thread on this before but it was deleted, sooo...

    Anyways, anyone want to just get together sometimes and play a custom game or party up??? If so then just post your gamertag and lets try and make a group.

    Mine is: Palanaran

    We have:



    we need a few more people for a good game. thanks
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    FYI, your thread had not been deleted, so we merged your new thread into the original thread.
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    Ichi Dynasty is my tag.

    I'm decent, but I don't play all that often. If you guys add me, write some tezt that you are from MR cause I deny everyone I don't know personally.
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    I'll join. I'm pretty decent, was once upto a level 31, but now I am down to 25. I'm in a clan now, but it is only a few of my friends and we played I think a total of 4 matches. We haven't done anything in a year at least. Also leave me a message in the title about a macrumors clan so I know who you are. I have a couple friends who aren't on macrumors but may be interested as well. If I play Halo 2 online, it is pretty much only with them. We're decent, but we also don't take it too serious, it is just a game. It would be nice to join a real clan that actually does "clan" stuff.

    My gamer tag is below. See you guys online.

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