Macs and airport security

Discussion in 'Community' started by Durandal7, Jun 4, 2002.

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    I know that this is a shameless ripoff of jefhatfield's threads but discussion is slow enough today to justify it.
    What's everyone's take on airport security nowadays? Any first-hand horror stories or ridiculous news articles?
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    Someone put my dads ibook into a plastic container with a half inch of pepsi in the bottom....
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    sounds like a sticky ibook..let it dry thoroughly before booting up and you may be ok

    airpost security as tight as it is currently will just be a reality for the long term...the consequences of not having it is just too horrifying

    i am worried about really small scale terror like pipe bombs and car bombs because the perpetrator can strike again and again without having to give up their life

    the small scale stuff, three thousand deaths one at a time over a period of time would be far more devastating and scary than one large attack in one location

    the small scale stuff is probably why israel takes such a hard stance towards terrorism since it's plaqued them for nearly 55 years
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    Over Christmas my TiBook got swabbed for chemical testing at SFO, but not at ATL. Of course, the Atlanta airport has a much better security system in place. It's like you're walking through a Star Trek set or something.
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    Here's a good one...,2933,54163,00.html

    Wounded Soldier With Wired Jaw Prevented From Boarding Plane With Wire Clippers

    SAN FRANCISCO — A U.S. Army lieutenant whose jaw is wired shut from a bullet wound he received in Afghanistan claims screeners at San Francisco International Airport denied him permission to pass through security with wire clippers used to snap open his jaw in an emergency.
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    I've been through San Diego (duh, I live here) and Monterey since 9/11.

    SD was really bad at first...2-3 hour delays. Now, it's pretty much back to normal, other than the fact that you can no longer be in the gate area if you don't have a ticket.

    Monterey is very small, and has the typical small airport plexiglass (or whatever it is) gate area.

    Both have National Guard in place.

    I love flying, and I'm glad things have gotten back to semi-normalcy.:)
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    Mr. Anderson

    I've had an opportunity to work at BWI (Baltimore) and had to go through all the security hassle to get a badge that would let me come and go in the hangars as work required. I had to sit around forever waiting to get my picture and finger prints taken, basically wasted almost a whole day. It was by far the worst wait I've had to deal with in a while, worse than any DMV would have to offer....
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    I don't know man, The DMV or MVA if youre from maryland can be pretty harsh......
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    Mr. Anderson

    I'm sure it can, but I've had plenty of opportunity to see DMVs in action and this place blew them all away. It was a small room, 3 people working behind the counter, most of the time standing around waiting for something, for what, I'm not sure. And we just got to sit there and stair at Osama posters - wanted dead or alive, for 4-5 hours....

    I don't even want to think about the people sitting around us. Every airport employee needs badges and they have to be redone every year, so there was a constant influx of people. It was just nasty.
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    I've been in discussion with dukestreet on this one just last week...but here's my story....

    ps: just imagine if I had been traveling with my TiBook on this specific occasion...he he he

    don't get me wrong....I am all for safety as well...

    but I did find it quite ridiculous that the only bag I had on me...which I was checking in...was subject to random search...being completely unpacked and everything I had scrutinized...

    then through the metal detectors being summoned to frisking...including my shoes & problem...

    but when I'm waiting at the gate to board....I just so happen to hold one of the special #'s that rewards me with another check...the same one as at the metal detector...I get to spend 25 mins with a security personell...nearly get stripsearched...

    again...I am for security...but damn...most terrorists aren't going to New Orleans via Oklahoma! :rolleyes: ;)
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    Mr. Anderson

    You were just having bad security kharma, it happens sometimes. When it rains it pours.....

    And maybe they thought you looked like a terrorist:D :rolleyes:
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    he he makes me wonder what exactly did I do in my past life? ;)

    as for looking like a terrorist...I hope not! :eek:
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    Well, you saw his photo. Would you not have thought so too? ;) :D :p

    My worst airport experiences have come when flying into Heathrow from Yemen. There isn't any particularly bad memory that stands out, but every time the plane would have to wait out on some distant part of the ground whilst certain security checks were made, and when we were finally allowed off we'd be searched rather thoroughly. It was just more hassle really.

    Haven't been on one of those flights for a few years now, so it's probably not quite so bad anymore.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Ha you think? Ever since Yemenis bombed the US ship, I'd imagine any and all international traffic from there would be heavily scrutinized. Its still considered unsafe for Americans to travel there, a lot of kidnappings and such.

    What were you dong there?
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    I lived there for 5 years. My dad works for the UN as a ports advisor, and was offered a job in Aden (the southern capital) to help get the port set up to handle major international traffic. He's been there for 15 years now! I left just before the gulf war, and haven't been back since. Shame really, because i really like that country.

    Fair point about the USS Cole.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Whoa! Is your dad still there? Was he working at the port the USS Cole stayed in when it was bombed? I can imagine things must have been a bit crazy for your dad when that all happened.
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    His office was about 500 yards from where the Cole was moored. He had quite a busy few weeks after that, what with helping coordinate between the port officials and the CIA out there!

    He loves it out there. After 15 years, I sometimes wonder if he's become an arab himself :p I'll be seeing him again in about a months' time... see what's changed this time :rolleyes:
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    Mr. Anderson

    Wow, that is wild. So he's not worried about security for himself? Is your mom with him?

    My dad use to travel in the Middle East for work and happened to be in Kuwait 2 weeks before the invation. That was a close call for him.
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    Security seems to be the least of his concerns. When there was a civil war in Yemen a few years ago, he literally got on the last commercial flight leaving the country! He's pretty well known out there though, and doesn't get any trouble from locals (apart from stress related to a bad work ethic amongst some of the staff :rolleyes: ). It gets quite funny at times. One of my brothers was out there visiting, and had his jeep for the day to get around. The police pulled him over, because they recognised the jeep, knew who it belonged to, and assumed it had been stollen! :p

    My mother's not out there anymore. It was too difficult for her to live in such an environment, where women are expected to be completely submissive to the men. She couldn't even go out shopping on her own. The way things are works out reasonably well though. She lives in London, taking care of affairs at this end (such as putting myself and my three brothers through the later stages of education), and he's out there doing what he so loves, earning the money.

    Sounds like you dad got lucky! Not the best of times to be in that general area :rolleyes: I was in Israel and Lebanon during a lull in their fighting; managed to hit a 3 week gap inbetween bullets :D
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    Long before 9-11, I was up in Canada and a friend gave me a Macintosh Portable. When it went through the checkpoint at the airport they gave it a very strange look and made me open it. I flipped up the top lid so they could see it was a computer. I said it wasn't operational (which it wasn't, due to the dead brick battery), and they waved me on. Now that I think about it, that honkin' piece of archaic Macintosh could have easily contained a bomb, you know? :eek: That definitely wouldn't pass today! Scary...
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    Mr. Anderson

    That's a good point. Make sure you have batteries powered up when you go through security. But chances are you would have just been asked to plug it in to an outlet, so that would have worked and you would have been on your way, with a moderate delay. One of the good reasons to have your laptop in sleep mode, that way it comes on relatively fast.
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    I had heard some stories where people had to literally turn on their laptops to prove that they worked as computers...

    in the story I posted above...when they were going through my check-in bag...I had to point & shoot my camera to prove it was a camera...
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    Mr. Anderson

    That happens all the time, and I even had to do that before 9/11. But its was random and not everyone has to. Hopefully someone will figure out a way to make the security procedures simpler, easier, and more accurate. But until that happens, we're going to have to expect to get searched and questioned.
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    I know...I'm hoping they eventually come up with a system that actually works...

    everyday it seems we're hearing about security breaches in airports all across the country...:(
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    Mr. Anderson

    Well, the biggest issue is the fact that you could make more money flipping burgers at McDonald's than be a security guard at an airport. There was talk of making all the guards federal employees, did that ever happen?

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