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Macs and Calculators A gallery

Discussion in 'Community' started by Macmaniac, May 11, 2002.

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    I have alot of extra time in school and I get bored. So I fire up my Ti-83+ and I start drawing about my favorite thing(Macs Duh) Every pixel in these drawings I counted so everything would be even. Have a look at my artwork.

    This drawing comes up when I start up my calculator.

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    Part 2

    This is a picture of the iMac, I drew this a few days after MWSF.

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    Part 3

    This is another one I drew after MWSF, the iBook and its bigger brother.

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    Part 4

    This is the and old favorite the iPod.

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    You have waaaaay to much time on your hands, man.
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    I agree. When I was in HS I programmed the things— more mind intensive.
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    I spent my times drawing pictures of naked ladies on my calculator
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    awesome. i remember precal in HS. we used to program the homework in and send it to each other.
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    I would also type in all of my notes for my chemistry class into a program. It really helped with my tests.
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    cool calculator

    i used a ti-55 in college and a ti-30 in high school...i think

    and the hp calculators had reverse polish notation long before they were known for home computers and printers...i can't remember what that meant though

    ps - i like community discussions area, but what was wrong with general discussion?...the rumors area covered everything else along with mac help and for sale sections
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    The best program I've ever had on my Ti-83 is a program that pretends to show that you have wiped all your programs when you really haven't. Super useful when you have all these great programs on your calculator that do all your maths for you, but you have to wipe all your programs before you go into an exam.

    Not that I ever used it...

    *cough, splutter splutter*

    No really, I never used it. I'm too honest.
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    Man you guys are evil with your pretend to delete your noyes programs! I see we have quite a calculator following here.
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    i hate calculators. i hate maths. i got a C in Maths A last year. so there, i hate calculators and maths!

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