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macs and collecting stuff

Discussion in 'Community' started by jefhatfield, May 25, 2002.

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    i used to collect guitars, stamps, and coins...and girlfriends, but the latter was a dangerous hobby!

    i liked old us stamps, the monotone variety, and i liked old silver coinage, especially half dollars for some strange reason

    as for guitars, i only collected affordable stuff...same with girlfriends...
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    postcards (have about 700, all either from friends or places I've been)

    stickers (yes, I am a girl :D)

    Kahlua bottles (I'll have to unpack some of them and take pictures... I have a couple from the 30's that are shaped like Inca gods... pretty cool)

    Holiday Barbie dolls (all about my grandmother... gah)

    books and books and more books
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    I'm a numismatic (coin collector). I probably could sell all my old coin collectables for maybe $4000. The oldest one I have dates back to 1845, and I have a gold coin. My grandfather is a HUGE numismatics person. He must have $10000 of gold packed away somewhere.

    Other than that, I have a few bins of Matchbox cars, old pocket-sized corvettes, and some Hot Wheels.

    Fear the King.
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    i started collecting coins when i was a young. the cashier at the elementary school lunchroom used to save the silver coins for me...i don't recall how that started but i got a bunch that way. my best find was a 1909svdb penny.

    then i started collecting matchbooks-my dad travelled so i got bazillions of them from around the world. unfortunately i lost them in a fire that almost burned the house down....it was like a scene out of apocalypse now.

    thru the years i've collected mid-century furniture( charles eames rules!), tv lamps, guitars( danelectros were my favorite), watches and just about anything from the 40's and 50's.

    its about all sold off now--i keep getting smaller houses so its gotta go...

    of course, i'll never sell the beatle bobber-heads! woohoo
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    i used to collect hats... nothing too exciting.

    i made an attempt to collect sports cards/autographs.

    that pretty much failed though.

    not much these days though...not much worth collecting to me.
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    I used to collect hats and that was it
    If thi is counted I sorta collect bikes.....I have like 6 of em
    most are falling a part
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    I collect old mac computers, and new ones.

    I used to be into baseball cards, I probly have over 2500. I collect coins too.
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    woo hoo!!!!! :D lots of ya are fellow coin collectorz :D
    i'm one of the top 10 coin teen numismatists in all of canada since i know ALOTTTTTTTTTTTTT about canadian coinz n such n i won awards for my articles on coins, even one from the bank of canada (central bank in canada that produces canada's paper money) n the regional director was telling me that he loved my article, n one of the main ppl for the royal canadian mint (they produce canada's coins and also dozens of other countries including australia (at times), nz (at times), and helped out on the US coin production) asked me for one of my newsletters. lol i havent had enough time for my coinz lately but i got meself 3 bux worth of branddddd new 50 cent coins (commemorative) for the 50th anniversary of the queens reign in the commonwealth at the local post office (n this is the first time a 50-cent coin has been widely available for circulation for YEARS!)
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    i am an official collector of crap

    and i collect macs but i won't post a list as i believe the "mac collector" 's psychoness phase that was going around a while ago kind of burned people out on reading lists of macs.

    oh guitars too (somewhat)
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    I collect two things:
    1. Junk in my room
    2. Piles of homework

    I try to 'collect' money, but it always disappears...
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    I collect shot glasses. I'm not a heavey drinker (once or twice a month), but i like to collect one shot glass from every country i go to, with the name of that country and a famous national landmark etched on it. Getting quite large... :)
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    I collect clocks (I have almost 100) none of them works though. Too much hassle with time changes and keeping them all juiced up. PLus the sound of 80 something clocks ticking doesnt make for good sleep. :rolleyes:

    I also(kinda) collect production cels from cartoons/movies. I have 4. One signed by Chuck Jones from The Rescuers, one Signed by Jim Davis with Garfield and Ode, One from Top Cat signed by Hanna-Barbera with TC and the Cop, and one with Fred Flintstone and George Jetson from the Jetson's meet the Flintstones signed by Hanna-Barbera.

    They're nice! :D
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    sad I know...

    just last year I decided to get back my collection of Garbage Pail Kids...remember those hideous looking things?!

    damn...brought me back years of childhood though...he he he...:D

    other than that...I still have my collection of baseball cards from when I was a kid....I have lots of older cards as well....my most cherished being a Mint Condition Mickey Mantle from 1961...;)

    and I guess if I want to sound geeky....I collect mp3s....not a lot by today's standards....but I have somewhere around 1350...:D
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    Mr. Anderson

    I collect souvenirs of a sort. I save foreign money, when I'm on a trip and also when I travel, even in the US, I take my GPS and mark the locations down. I've not done it yet, but I have plans of keeping an electronic log with all the locations on my computer and index that to the pictures. Big project, but it will be fun. I've got about 100 waypoints from travel and look forward to getting more every chance I get.
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    Re: sad I know...

    ha ha ha!!! Glad I was able to put a smile on your mug iGAV...

    I started off with going for it all...but then decided all I really cared for was the 1st & 2nd Series sets...

    I'm about halfway complete on 1st...

    the 2nd will take a bit of time still...

    I am buying these a few at a time...and they are much more expensive now then when I was a kid...
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    I used to collect coins, now I collect American Flyer trains. They are over 50 years old and the company went out a business awhile ago. I love model railroading.
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    Hey you sound just like me. I have so much junk under my bed!!!!
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    oh boy...I screwed that one up!!

    iGAV....my sincere apologies...

    somehow I hit the wrong button and edited your post when I was attempting to reply to it....

    oh wow...I thought I was feeling quite awake and in check today...

    damn... :rolleyes:
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    Re: oh boy...I screwed that one up!!

    Abuser of position! Strip him of his privileges!!!

    Just kidding. :D
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    Mr. Anderson

    Oh that's a good one. So you lost the content of the message? iGav post is gone with something you replaced? Ha, that's actually damn funny. You could go in and just change a few words and start all sorts of flame wars, and the original poster wouldn't have a clue what was going on.

    "I never wrote that, I don't understand"

    Don't ever go over to the dark side eye.....
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    ha ha ha!!! :D

    well I suppose there really is a first time for everything...yeah...I hit "edit" instead of "quote"....they are both next to each other...and I was only through half of my coffee... ;)

    but imagine the flamewars....but remember...it'll always say "edited by "eyelikeart" or whoever it was....so there will be prints on the evidence...
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    Mr. Anderson

    But could you log in as that person and change it in their name? Now that would truly be evil and you'd most likely get arn upset, dont' ever want to do that.
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    ah...I am unable to get their info to log in as them...I'm not all that certain at least...but from my lurking around I haven't come across that feature... ;)

    I think u are right...arn wouldn't be too pleased with that type of behavior...I'd likely lose my moderator abilities...
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    Re: oh boy...I screwed that one up!!

    I love it when eye violates me....... I feel so dirty and used now....... :D ;)
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    Re: Re: oh boy...I screwed that one up!!

    ha ha ha....just be glad I hit the correct button this time! ;)

    I was talking about a European tour next summer with a friend of mine just yesterday...

    I may have to make it up to u with a bottle of green fairies if I can get there...

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