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macs and dykes on bikes

Discussion in 'Community' started by jefhatfield, May 10, 2002.

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    the dykes on bikes, mentioned before in other threads, just came into the retaurant downstairs from me...there must be an event and i will keep you posted if i hear or see anything

    alphatech and cleo, if i could get any of those classic pics of women riding harleys with only helmets...i will post them here (censored) of course, lest i get reprimanded...he he

    actually, it was the male version of the group that rides with them...wow, talk about harleys!
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    Mr. Anderson

    Re: macs and dykes on bikes

    I'm confused, dykes on bikes have a male contingent?

    Please explain, or better yet, post a pic if you can.
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    Re: Re: macs and dykes on bikes

    Oh, please don't.
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    i couldn't get my camera out quick enough...dykes on bikes were originally a small female contingent at the sf gay parade, then everybody else and their grandmother joined in the fun

    the men who ride with dykes on bikes are gay men all dressed like the village people and they are all like 6'6" and former navy seals and marines...or just look that way

    when the ride along factions show up, it means that there are a bunch of topless women on the road with harleys nearby (the actual famed group of women)

    i got my camera ready and will try and post...if i don't get killed in the process:D
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    Re: Re: Re: macs and dykes on bikes

    i don't care about the men and all the other ride along groups...i just want to get the original "dykes on bikes with their famous topless contingent...thought it is cold"

    i will not post nudity here of course but if you prefer i can get pics and you can email me but what is the legality of that?

    mcrain, i mean all these women might be on highway 1 with only helmets on or topless?

    alphatech, do you care? he he

    mischief is probably on his way down here..he he
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    I was only kidding about not posting the pix. I for one am as open minded as anyone around, and as you can probably tell, I have an odd sense of humor. So, if you get an interesting pic of some bikers, feel free to put em up... but, I have to say, the "please don't" comment was sort of funny! :)
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    i am a law/biz school dropout so i don't know the legality of anything...he he

    will i get in trouble?

    how much can i show?;)
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    pics please

    yes, i'm game for nekkid people pics. bring 'em on.

    one question and this applies to most of the recent genital, er.. general discussion forums: why do we put " mac and......"? i mean, " macs and dykes on bykes" has got to be the best topic name in a long time but is it SOP to have to make a mac connection?
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    If you want hot babes on bikes, I might have a few to scan in. Granted, they are not original pictures of mine, but they fall into that category. I will probably need to black out a part or pair ;), but that shouldn't get too hard.. ahem, I mean difficult. :D

    I want to find a cute woman that either has her own ride (prefer a HD) or is more then willing to ride in the passenger spot on mine. That would be truly excellent.
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    Re: pics please

    he he...nothing in your bio...i bet you are a thirteen year old boy

    mcrain, help me out here;)
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    Re: Re: pics please

    theres just too many easy one liner replies.....and most would get me arrested...or ordained:D
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    dykes on bikes

    a friend of mine uses this as her profile pic on yahoo... not her, but gives you an idea of what dykes on bikes is all about...

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    Mr. Anderson

    Re: dykes on bikes

    Just don't wipe out, ouch.

    I would be an absolutely cool picture to see them all together riding down Highway 1. Got to love it:D
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    Re: dykes on bikes

    Yuck, a sporty. I wouldn't have a sporty up my *ss if I had room for a freight train. LOL

    The silver shovelhead (I think) over her right shoulder (to the left) looks similar to my bike... But that one's pretty stock.

    Hey Cleo, what's she doing with her right hand? I don't have any switches down there on my bike...

    (On legality issues, it depends on a lot of things. But, here, it depends less on the constitution and more on Arn)
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    Re: bikes

    LOL. I'm ashamed to say I don't have the first clue about motorcycles, although my father would disown me if he heard me say that. He's had... oh... 10 or 12 that I can remember.
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    hey cleo, that's them...i saw the male contingent that usually rides along with them sometimes...same village people costumes and some chap riding dudes with the butt cheek sections exposing skin

    they are there to protect the dykes on bikes but judging from some of the three hundred pound women i have seen with the dykes on bikes, they can protect the men...he he

    i told a couple of close minded bikers about them at lunch and they were offended by the semi nudity and the fact that these particular bikers all had no helmets...these bikers were of the full face shield belief and that one should cover up completely

    i guess wiping out without butt cheek protection would really hurt...ouch;)
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    Sportster's are for women that can't handle a full sized Harley. There are plenty of real women that ride full sized Harley's. :D
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    what's a sportster? is it an 883?

    and what type of bike is the picture of?
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    The one that the dyke is on in the picture is a sportster. They come in 883cc and 1200cc engine sizes. More info can be found at http://www.harley-davidson.com/moto...?FOLDER<>folder_id=440141&bmUID=1021082312765

    The easiest way to tell that it is a sportster is from the air filter housing.
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    alphatech, thanks for the link...it looks like a cool bike

    so it is smaller and the "starter bike" with the others being bigger and more powerful as the lines go up?

    i looked at the website a few times, but i get a little confused

    nothing is quite as well laid out as apple's site and their macs and finding one for every need quick and easily;)

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