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macs and... fraggle rock

Discussion in 'Community' started by AmbitiousLemon, Jun 5, 2002.

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    ok im totally addicted to fraggle rock. have been since i was a wee lad. im hoping some of you out there remember watching Henson's fraggles when you were little or with your little ones.

    came across this petition today to have the fraggle rock series released on dvd (its on vhs already).

    i hope you guys can dig deep into your memory and find a place where you could dance the night away and worrys were for another day.

    The Petition

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    Mr. Anderson

    I never really got into it, but I'm watching greg the bunny right now. Pretty damn funny stuff.
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    I never got into it much either. I'm watching Grounded for Life right now, Greg the Bunny isn't on for another half hour here.
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    Fraggle Rogk rocks. And Astro boy. And voltron!

    Heh :) Those were the days!
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    The guy who won an emmy for producing it teaches at my school...
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    he he he...I used to watch that show way back...

    speaking of blasts from the past...who all is going to see Scooby Doo?? :D

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