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macs and movies

Discussion in 'Community' started by 3rdpath, May 8, 2002.

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    ok, i enjoy watching a great flick with my favorite beverage.

    what are your favorite movies of all time? i started to list mine but the list was too long.

    so, lets be brutal and whittle it down to the top 5.

    1) north by northwest.....almost the best dialog ever written
    2) bladerunner....director's cut.
    3) to catch a thief.....great dialog and cary grant at his best
    4) cinema paradiso....where do i start? morricone's best score
    5) willy wonka....twistedly funny and who can resist singing the oompa loompa songs?
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    the godfather I, II, III.

    And all other nice conversational movies.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Its very hard to pin down what is my Favorite Movie of all time. It depends on my mood. But here are a few of my favorites

    MontyPython and the Holy Grail
    India Jones and the Lost Ark
    Empire Strikes Back (can't wait to see if Clone Wars beats it)
    5th Element
    Shawshank Redemption
    Princess Bride
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    i knew this would happen-i see your list and i slap my forehead " of course"
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    Top 5..... woah that's a toughie..... mine are,

    1: Vertigo (hitch was a genius)
    2: Pi (Such an amazing film, and the way it's shot, and clint mansells score, Aronofsky is one of the most vital directors for 20 years!)

    3: Escape from Alcatraz (intricate study, truely superb)
    4: The Fog (Carpenter's best film, classic, scary Ghost Story)
    5: Dirty Harry......... Clint is so cool...... and that Lalo Schifrin score... oh yes!!
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    my favs...

    as a child it was Pete's Dragon...

    nowadays...Swingers, Matrix...damn I can't think right now...I'll be back on this one... :rolleyes:
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    Mr. Anderson

    Re: my favs...

    Ok, I'll second the hand slap to the forehead:Smack!

    Matix, Ferris Beullers Day Off, Shrek, Toy Story, Monsters Inc. (I'm a 3D guy, have to have them, waiting for Monsters Inc. DVD...)

    And a bunch more, I'l post a revised list by genre as I remember them.
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    if i'm going comedy then:

    bottle rocket
    royal tenenbaums (see a pattern? ha)
    office space
    tommy boy, beverly hills ninja, black sheep (another pattern)...

    for more "serious" movies:

    usual suspects
    kurosawa movies (visually... wow)
    12 monkeys

    there are more. why can't i freaking think of them!

    hey duke, 3D movies are definitely good. i think i mentioned but, the director of monsters inc came into my final animation class monday. that was cool... he's a young dude. 30ish... i have some catching up to do. ha
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    Back to the Future and Pee Wee's Big Adventure
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    Mr. Anderson

    I'm arleady past that, but it won't stop me from making my own. Now I just have to find the time. I've got such great ideas, damn, I need to win the lotto so I can work at home on my own stuff.....
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    Well, ALL the Kevin Smith movies
    South Park
    Jurassic Park
    Disney's Animated Robin Hood
    Empire Strikes Back

    Theres a lot of great movies out there. As for favorites, I like to watch comdeies over and over a lot more then drama. So theyre better because of that IMO. :D
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    great ideas? do share... i think the key to 3D on a small scale is trying to get several people to work on it.... and i'm always up for a project, especially over the summer...

    if you don't want to share your great ideas publically, feel free to send me a message... of course, i could always rip them off too! haha.
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    I liked fight club, Lord of the Rings, Toy Story (at the time it was amazing), Saving Private Ryan, Forrest Gump, and a bunch of others, but those hadn't been mentioned yet.

    One more thing, can anyone tell me the movie with the scene with a guy on the bar and the lady tending says to him not to "teabag" the customers. I think it was a brit film, but am not sure.
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    HAHAHAHAHA! You're really caught up on my name arent you? I remember last time you asked about what the name meant....I don't know the film, but I think this is amusing :D
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    I usually am good at remembering quotes from movies, but for the life of me can't place where I've heard that from. Do you know what I'm talking about? There was a male stripper who was chastized for "teabagging" the customer, and when I saw your name, I remembered the movie, but can't place it. It's one of those stupid things that until I remember it will just eat at me. Drive me crazy, you know what I mean? I remember a little boy in a small town, and he ran out from a bar or something that had a red door? This is killing me.

    Sorry Teabgs, nothing against your name or anything, I just know I'm not making this up. I know I'm not hallucinating this.
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    HAHA! no offense is ever taken by me. I wish I knew the movie that you're talking about. Do you have any idea who is in it? cause www.imdb.com could help solve your problem...

    LOVE THE AVATAR!!! rocks!!
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    John Waters did a movie called Pecker. In that movie, there is a scene in a mostly male bar with male dancers on the bar itself, and one of them "dips" down in front of a patron, and the bartender, she says to him something to the effect that he's not supposed to teabag the customers.

    I finally remembered!!!!!
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    A satisfying offbeat comedy, and a satirical swipe at stuffy east coast art circles, Pecker reaffirms John Waters obsession with social misfits and deviants, his great comic talent and provides further evidence to suggest that he has mellowed with age.

    Edward Furlong takes the title role of an energetic and ambitious young photographer who focuses on the various idiosyncrasies of his family and locals, capturing them all in Kodak glory. This allows Waters to resume his love affair with all things bizarre and offbeat, surrounding Pecker with an array of weird subjects: A failing bar worker father, a good hearted thrift shop owning mother, a sister objected to sugar, another a barmaid in a gay strip joint, a ventriloquist grandmother, a Laundromat owning disciplinarian girlfriend and a compulsive shoplifting best friend. Same old Waters you might say then? Not quite - while we also have a lesbian stripper pubic hair, rodents having sex and tea-bagging (watch the movie if you want to know thrown into the mix - this is relatively tame by Waters standards.

    Peckers work attracts the attention of a New York art-dealer and before long he is the darling of the New York art scene, making him rich and making minor celebrities of his subjects. Thus we have a scathing damnation of the ridiculousness of the concept of high art as New York socialites marvel at Peckers freak show portfolio, but Waters main focus is the pitfalls of fame - as his relationship with his subjects suffer as a result of the media attention suddenly thrust upon them. The certain duality that exists within vanity is also revealed - the Baltimore eccentrics are happy to pose in all their natural oddball glory while Pecker is merely an obscure pest with a camera - as Peckers notoriety increases, so does their eagerness to put distance between the camera and themselves. Snobby New Yorkers marvel at the images of Baltimores seedy underclass, yet gasp with horror when the camera is turned on them, revealing their own shallowness and inadequacies.

    Unfortunately, there is a nagging flaw. Casting Furlong as the lead represents one of Waters poorest decisions to date. He slips into the background far too often here as the supporting players steal the show. Ricci in particular takes a painfully underwritten role and shines. The role of Pecker - an obsessive, good-hearted geek who is endurably, if oddly, likeable is desperately crying out for Tobey Maguire or Jason Schwartzman.

    Nevertheless, Pecker, while undeniably an acquired taste, deserves your attention. As mentioned, where Furlong falls short, the support more than makes amends, there are some genuine moments of screwball comedy gold and the relatively short running time (around the 80 minute mark) is refreshing in an age where so many filmmakers, mainstream and independent, seem incapable of producing a final cut under the 2 hour mark. Waters may have chilled out, but he is still treading the thin line between fine art and lunacy. Judge for yourself.
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    i just saw that again last week. and i think about that scene whenever i see teabgs handle:D i always wondered if there was a connection....

    believe it or not, after my wife and i watched it the first time we went to the local market and there was john waters in the next line-pretty funny.

    and BOTTLEROCKET kills me every time. my 18 month old daughter has a yellow sleeper jumpsuit that we call a dignan. :D
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    Re: pecker


    have you seen rushmore and/or the royal tenenbaums?? good stuff...

    dignan might just be the best character ever.

    "on the run from johnny law, it ain't no trip to cleveland..."
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    Re: Re: pecker

    seen 'em all. thought rushmore was just too funny. bill murray is just perfect. the royal t's was just ok. it certainly had its moments, gene hackman was great-who'd a thought it? but it just needed more character depth or less characters....

    btw, we could just do a bill murray movie thread and i'd be happy.
    groundhog day, caddy shack, where the buffalo roam, ghostbusters,
    help me out here...:D
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    Re: Re: Re: pecker

    i can see that. however, i'll say this. have you seen the tenenbaums twice? if not, i'd recommend it. it definitely is much better the second time around. the serious aspect of the movie weighs a bit heavier the first time around i guess... but i think it was a great movie.

    as for the bill murray thread... i'd agree for sure.

    but. i'm not in the boat to start one. gotta ask duke, back to da mac, or maybe jef... they're the thread starters (at least as of recently) when it comes to these things... and a few others. you have my blessing though
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    what do u guys think of the Austin Powers' movies?? :D
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    Mr. Anderson

    Ooh, that's another one I forgot about. I'm looking forward to the new one 'Gold Member' My favorite Mike Meyers film is So I Married An Axe Murderer.
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    i picked up a best of lalo shifrin cd last week-love his stuff. the dirty harry scores are so wonderfully 70's. and then there's bullit( best chase seen ever....) mission impossible, cool hand luke, the cincinnati kid.......

    bernard herrman-psycho to taxi driver and everything in between.....man

    morricone--cinema paradiso to the untouchables

    and my favorite "new" guy is gabriel yared-the english patient and the talented mr. ripley( one of the best scores ever...)

    i could do a whole thread on movie scores.:)

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