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macs and rotting hops

Discussion in 'Community' started by jefhatfield, May 8, 2002.

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    anchor steam
    eku 28
    samuel adams triple bock
    chimay ales
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    Mr. Anderson

    Guiness and Bass
    A local microbrew, Dog Fish Head Ale's Raisin D'etre
    An occassional Paulaner Heffewiessen (how do you spell that?)
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    hmm...I'm not much of a beer drinker...

    but here's what I'll have every now & then...

    ever heard of a Belgium brand called "Lambec?" flavored ales...very tastey :p

    there's also this beer made by our local brewery Dixie called "White Moose"...it's a white chocolate flavored beer...great dessert drink! :p
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    yes, small 10 oz bottle with the logo of a man who looks like gandalf?:D
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    Mr. Anderson

    No, actually your Chimay Ale is a lambec beer. Its the type or style of beer. I forgot about those, I just had a big bottle a month ago at a friends house, can't remember the name....
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    Newcastle Brown Ale....... oh baby...... I managed to get some of the in Fortuna Oregon when I was over there...... although the bottles were really small, no where near the size I was used to........

    Not really much of an Ale man though, which can be a problem when you live in Old England!! :p :p :p

    Any fans of English Ale and Stouts in Northern California should go to The Pelican Inn at Muir Beach........ it's spot on as a English Country Pub


    Had me fooled!! :p
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    My tastes fall in line with jef's:

    Sam Adams
    Killian's Irish Red
    stouts, ales in the fall/winter
    lagers in the summer

    I like anything BUT the watered down commercial crap (MGD, Bud, Coors)
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    Mr. Anderson

    Its not really waterdown that I don't like about those beers, its the fact that the biggest ingredient in them is rice! Not hops or barley, but rice. Yuck! That's why if you have an import or a microbrew they have so much more flavor.

    I have had to resort to one now and again... its amazing how some bars and restaurants still don't carry good beer.
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    Keystone Light Baby! Them lined cans and no bitter beer taste!

    (Although I am being silly with the above, I prefer the commercial crap to the "big body" beers and most of the imports.)
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    Speaking of Bud..... I personally don't drink it.... as I don't particularly like it.... although when I was in the states last year, I tried it and it tasted so much better than the stuff they sell in the blighty.......

    Mind you it's the same with Guinness.... believe me, you haven't tasted Guinness until you've drank it in Eire, it's so much better...... ;)

    If I have to drink lager, than Michelob, isn't bad at all.....

    Otherwise it's Strongbow all the way for me!!
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    Confessions of a picky beer snob:

    Murphy's Irish Stout
    Negro Modelo
    Samuel Adams Summer Ale
    Any good Heffeweizen
    a number of local microbrews
    Sam Adams Triple Bock
    Okeefs Extra Old Stock
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    That would be Lambic. cherry flavor and stuff.
    Ever tried Duvel Eye? Strong beer, but good.

    Haha this is my favorite topic, welcome to belgium, land of beer and sex (that last option only if you haven't been strong on the first option)

    I visited a bar not far from where I live, and they serve over 800 different beers.
    We've got a lot of abbey (or how is that name, where moncics live), and they all brew there own strong beer (most of those beers when you had 2 or 3 you're screwed(see land of beer above :p).
    No serious, if you drink a few of those, bet you all will have a cure for insomniac, but make sure you got a bucket next to you're bed, you'll never know!!! :D
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    Mr. Anderson

    If you ever happen to visit DC and you're a beer fan, stop by the Brickskellar, they have more beers than any place in the area, many 100s in bottles. They publish a 16 page or so 'book' of all the beers they have in stock every month or so.

    If you've got a favorite, chances are they have it, and a lot from some countries you'd never expect. I try order a beer I've never had each time I go there.
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    New Castle

    There was a great deal at my local liquor store this past month. You could get a case of newcastle (in cans) for only $10.99! It was great.
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    I'm with jef on just about everything but the Sam Adams Triple Bock. I approve of the effort, but not of the result. It was like drinking some bizarre maple syrup liqueur. I felt like I should be having pancakes with it. This won't stop me from trying others of Sam Adams' more "fringe" brews, but that one just didn't do it for me.
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    yes u got it....such good stuff! I really dig the cherry but most people claim it tastes like cough syrup....whatever....it's still good sh*t...he he he...:D

    now explain more about the beer & sex?! ;) :p
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    negro modelo
    beck's dark
    shiner bock-an "outdoor beer", gives me horrible gas.
    black and tans-oh yea, baby
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    Bass, all the way. When they set a pint of Bass down in front of you, it smells just like a fresh-baked loaf of bread. Mmmmm, tasty. Newcastle's good, too. There's also a microbrew in Ybor that has a tasty winter brew. Oh, and one in Dunedin that has this tasty raspberry stuff, but is rather difficult to find.

    Coincidentally, my love for beer goes back to when I was a little tyke... I have a picture of me (at about 2) sitting on my dad's lap, him passed out, me drinking out of his can of Bud. :D

    Anyone have any suggestions on books/websites that explain the brewing processes and what exactly all the different kinds of beer are? I know what I like, but it would be nice to be able to discuss it in more sophisticated terms. :D
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    Wheat beers are some of my favorites.

    Hacker Pschorr Hefe Weisse is great. Drink with lemon. Mmmm lemon.

    Guinness is a fav too.

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    Amstel, for the regular night out with some corona's at the end
    Bock in general, Heineken tarwebock is the favorite

    People who visit Holland: Don't ever take a Oranjeboom. It gives you a headache the same night and it tasts like your cat's piss
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    Mr. Anderson

    Amstel is great. Now for you guys in the states, I'm not talking about Amstel Light, I'm talking the real Amstel. I had this when I was Greece way back in the late 80s and absolutely loved it. But back then we hadn't gone through the micro brew revolution, but still. I'd love to get my hands on some real Amstel. [​IMG]

    Does anyone know if you can get it State side? I've not been able to find it anywhere.
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    For those of you who like it strong:

    McEwans Scottish Ale

    Okeefs xtra Old stock. A Canadian brew that the US won't import even as a Malt liquor.:eek:
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    triple bock is very strange indeed and jagermeister is another one of those odd "do i need pancakes" drinks

    triple bock and jagermeister are also like cough syrups:p
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    Mr. Anderson

    I was out at the beach in Dewey, DE two weeks ago and someone there made me try his new favorite drink. It was very weird, didn't taste all that good, mostly like real cough syrup.

    RedBull and Jagermeister[​IMG]


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