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Discussion in 'Community' started by jefhatfield, May 9, 2002.

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    when i was in elementary school in the 60s and 70s, we did not have any computers in our district

    of course, learning very young is the best thing when it comes to computing

    middle school (1975-1978) had nothing either...high school (1978-1982) had some pre-monitor computers, and when i started college in 1982, we had dummy terminals connected to some form of central computing...the screen was 10" and we typed green characters on a black mouse

    today, as an older adult learner at the local college, we have pentium 4s (1.4 ghz) with flat panel monitors and G4s (pre-quicksilver)

    ...and we will have gigabit ethernet and be the educational hub of all of northern/central coastal california with a dozen schools all hooked in together on ultra thin rack mount servers

    man, how times change

    what did/does your school/high school/college have?
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    Mr. Anderson

    When I was in High School, we had a large VAX server and a bunch of termals, basic and fortran programming, nothing too fancy.

    At OSU we had just about everything, I worked mostly on Suns, but did a lot of animation and imagery (back in 92) on Amigas. I never really did much with macs, even though there were a few labs around campus loaded with them.

    I didn't start using macs regularly till I got one a work in 96.
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    My Mac education

    My elementary school had all Apple IIc's

    My Jr. High was all Macs (don't remember what kind)

    My H.S. was a mix of Mac's and PCs but I hear that they are all PC now. Last time I went there I saw that they had a Network set up in at least 2 rooms, but I don't know what kind of hardware they were using (the closet was locked).

    My University has mostly Win2000 labs but there is a Mac lab with 15' LCD's and brand new Quicksilver's (just remodeled) There is also a Sun lab ( where I spend most of my lab time) We have Ultra 5's mostly and a Sun E250 as our server (for fileserver) There are a few other E250's on campus that I know of as well... one for the Chem. department and another is used as a web server for the Liberal Arts school ( total waste of University funds) We have a Universtiy wide network and wireless in some areas (the tutoring lab).

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    if i am correct, you are 37 and thus from the class of guys were doing fortran in high school and you had terminals?

    wow...that was super high tech for the early 80s and that gear must have set your high school back some big bucks...i am not kidding for you younger the early 1980s when i was finishing up high school, the only place that had crt monitors/terminals was the secret navy school

    but there was this one music store owner who got a radio shack computer in the early 80s and people used to just be completely amazed at it...he actually used this thing for his business...pre-mac and all...we all thought he was this einstein genius

    and in 1986 or so, i was in this off campus college group and the newsletter was made on a mac...again, we were just amazed with the clarity of the type and the simple graphics...we thought he was some sort of genius, too:p
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    grade school. some macs, i forget which. played oregon trail and tested our words per minute

    high school. pcs for programming, and i even had to use one to lay out the school newspaper.

    college. macs and pcs of course. the pseudo multimedia lab (that's open to everyone) has dual 533's. which i think is a bit overkill, since it's primarily used for printing/web. sometimes scanning...

    we also have old old sgi's. o2s i believe. 7 of them in the 3D lab.
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    Re: My Mac education

    ultra cool! lcd's with quicksilvers...where do i sign up;)
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    save for two years in spain and my a-levels (another two years in the UK), i've been home-schooled my entire life.

    Does a Mac Classic count then?

    When i was studying in england, it was at a CTC (City Technology College). It had one of the best student/computer ratio in the country for a secondary school. My favourite part though was the design lab. 20 iMacs for doing your DTP, video, whatever project on :)

    It was there that my computer usage really took off. I did an ICT course, and have never been the same since.
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    Mr. Anderson

    When I was in Junior High I did a little basic programming, logging in to the server up the road at the highschool and saving all my stuff on punch tape. Ever use that? Its about 1.5 inches wide and looks sort of like brail, but instead of bumps, its holes punched in the tape. I'm thinking it had 6 holes across the width - which would be 4 bytes, maybe 8 holes, but that seems too many and it was soo long ago I don't really remember all the details.
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    dualies for web surfing...he he;)
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    i think we used the older card readers somewhere in middle school or high school...years later, i heard of the tape, but i don't recall seeing that

    was the tape something the altair used?
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    Mr. Anderson

    I don't remember much about it, I was a true neophyte, just learning the basics, Hello World and all. And I never saw the tape again after that. I did do a stint with the cards at the highschool, but those were arleady out of date by then. They had managed to get a large magnetic tape reader for all their data storage.

    Looking back, I have to admit, it was a sweet set up. My senior year they got a new machine and had to put it in a climat controled room. I remember going in a playing around a bit. These were the days of the text adventure games. But they did have a low count color monitor and someone had a simple 3D wireframe of the the Starship Enterprise (Capt. Kirk era) on the screen and it was rotating. That must have been pushing the machine to its limits, but it really impressed me.
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    IN elementary school we had Apple IIe's where we played oregon trail. Middle school and high had some all in 1 unit macs, but I don't remember what the specs where. But I remember playing marathon on the network with a friend of mine who brought it in via a scsi zip disk.

    my senior year we got a "grant" for a computer lab, and computers were put in every classroom. All of the computers were 486's with winblows 95 that a local company donated to our school. I really feel bad for everyone there, but I am just glad that I got out of there. If I was still in school I would be bitching nonstop.

    IN college we have various computer labs. For the majority they are a bunch of omnitech's or Dells. But they have some imacs from last summer too. The art building in the only place with g4's. But they are only 400's which kind of sucks.

    I don't rely on the labs for anything except printing out.
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    are you looking forward to your 20th high school reunion?

    i am 38 and we will have our 20th this october

    most of the men are either grey, bald, or fat...i gained 50 or 60 lbs.

    most of the women are ok and the fat thing has not attacked many of them yet and some of the women color their hair so that is not fair

    of the 220 grads from my high school, all are alive which must really be beating some sort of crazy odds...the two people reported deceased somehow turned up alive after faked his death and the other was a hardcore gangbanger who turned up ok in the end

    talk about a higher power watching over our class of 1982:D
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    Mr. Anderson

    Not really. I've only kept in touch with a few friends from high school. I truly was a geek back then. I know that if I did show up I would surprise the hell out of a lot of people. They probably wouldn't even recognize me, which would be fun to a point. But mostly I wouldn't really have much to say to them, and I'd not go to gloat. I didn't go to my 10th so I'm thinking I'll be passing on my 20th.

    My highschool has them around Thanksgiving and that's close to my first anniversary, so my wife and I are going to go somewhere. We've travelled on all the Thanksgivings we've been together, Italy, Domiminican Repulic, then Florida for the wedding. This year I'm not too sure where yet, but it will be someplace nice, probably in the US. Any suggestions for a end of Nov. beginning of Dec vacation?
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    go to new orleans since that seems to be macrumor's favorite city...see poll:D

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