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Macs & Favorite Breakfast Foods

Discussion in 'Community' started by eyelikeart, Jun 4, 2002.

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    ok in the traditional jefhatfield way & under the influence of dukestreet...

    we have, yet another, "Macs & _____" thread...

    so what is your favorite breakfast food? do u eat in front of your Mac?

    usually I have a chocolate soy protein shake w/sugar free wheat toast...

    yes I know having the same thing each morning would probably get boring...but then I suppose I could say I'm preparing for that whole "being married to the same woman for 30 years is like having the same cereal every morning" scenario...I'm a loyal guy...he he he ;)

    on occasion...I do breakfast for dinner...either turkey sausage/bacon or veggie sausage...egg beaters...same toast as above...and a huge glass of oj :D
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    Mr. Anderson

    I don't want to take any credit for this one, I just said we need more to discuss.

    I'm not much of a breakfast guy. A Cliff bar and some coffee most days. Once in a while on the weekends, I'll have a bigger meal, but usually I'm happy until lunch, which is usually my biggest meal of the day.

    I've done the protien shake thing, still do once in a while, throw a shot or two of expresso in, mmmmm, good. Everything you need to start the day.
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    i try to avoid eggs kinda. but omelettes are good.

    other than that. cereals are good.

    i like em sweet.

    you all will be disgusted...

    fruit pebbles!
    cinnamon life is good.
    raisin bran.

    oh and nothing tops chocolate chip pancakes.... word
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    re: Clif Bars

    which do u like best?

    I sometimes go to the Whole Foods Market uptown and buy up about $30 worth...Carrot Cake, Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, & any of the Ice Series are my favs... ;)

    used to eat them before workouts...but I've found protein bars with 2-3 times more protein in them with nearly the same caloric intake & fat content...

    usually by the time I go to sleep...I'm already hungry again...so naturally...when I wake up...the first thing I have on my mind is BREAKFAST!!! :eek: :D

    lunch isn't very substancial in size...but I'll end up having some sort of snack 2-3 hours later to hold me over till dinner...

    my friends make fun of me because I always seem to have the munchies...yet I have the lowest body mass out of any of them...:D ;)
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    Mr. Anderson

    I buy the Chocolate Peanut butter by the box. They have the best overall vitamins/minerals stats and I think they taste the best with coffee. I've had the others, but I keep coming back to the ChocPNB.
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    i had a protein bar once when i first stopped eating meat cause a family friend wanted me to eat right.... i forget the brand, but it was a double chocolate flavor...

    it was the WORST thing i've ever tasted. i took half a bite. tried to get my friend to try it, he took a tiny sliver. then i tossed it..... yuck!
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    I hear that...

    have u tried the Ice Series yet? they have espresso beans in them u know...for an extra kick! :D
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    Re: Macs & Favorite Breakfast Foods

    You make it sound like he's a dangerous drug :D

    I go for a light breakfast. Usually a couple of pieces of toast with peanut butter, a coffee, and a drink of water. Any more than that and i start to feel unwell. I was never made to functional early in the morning... :p
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    that's the thing...I think they are honestly an acquired taste...most people do not like them...but the Clif Bars are honestly winners with most people...

    as for your cereals...to each his/her own...:D

    I normally try to stay away from heavily sugared foods...which sucks because if I had one food I could eat forever without any consequences it would be chocolate...he he he ;)
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    Mr. Anderson

    Yeah, there ok, but again, I'm always back to the ChocPNB. Besides, espresso beans and coffee?!? That's a tough one and I wouldn't want to be around me when it kicks in.

    And jello, just like beer, not all protein bars are the same. I've tried quite a few and Cliff Bars are by far the tastiest. They are chewy, but not tough, go down easy and there are many flavors to choose from. Drop a $1 on one and see what you think. If they're fresh they will almost fall apart, older they will be a little stiffer but good.
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    very true...sometimes I get them and they literally start bending in half because they are so moist...I can just taste the Carrot Cake right now...he he he :D

    do u ever shop at the Whole Foods out there in Tenleytown by chance?

    it was there where I first found my now regular brand of peanut butter...Better 'N Peanut Butter...same stuff w/out the oils & preservatives...85% less fat & 40% less calories than regular peanut butter...

    I have to special order the stuff from the Whole Foods here in New Orleans since they do not stock it normally...:(
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    Mr. Anderson

    I don't go to Whole Foods, mostly Trader Joe's for the PowerBars, Safeway and SuttonPlace Gourmet, because I can walk to them. Tennelytown is way up in DC, not worth the 40+min drive from home. There are some others around, over in Clarendon right across the street from the Apple store, but the prices are sometimes too high to justify buying there.
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    ah...I wasn't sure where the others might be...

    when I was there last year I stayed in Tenleytown at night...took the Metro everywhere...

    true on the prices...they are a bit high...it's only justifiable when u can get something there that no one else carries...
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    Re: Re: Macs & Favorite Breakfast Foods

    ohhhhh true dat!

    i hate the early morning.

    i might try a clif bar. it definitely was not a clif bar.

    as for the job. i realize it's not that big a deal in the long run. but if i don't get THIS job, then the local graphics/video jobs well has been pretty much run dry. and thus, i'll be back to data entry or ****e like that. and plus my mom is skeptical of waiting this job out before securing something else.... so if it doesn't pay off, i have to listen to a lot of blah blah blah.

    fruity pebbles baby!
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    i knew you were gonna draw that comparison.... typical dukestreet.... or something.

    as i said, this was just one. not a clif bar (i remember the other one she sent was, but i didn't eat it). if i had a buck... haha. no, i will try one. i assume these things are great for say, you're about to go out and golf or something and are kinda hungry, so you eat one of these. that way you don't get hunger exhaustion? cause i have a problem with that sometimes. indeeed.
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    he he he...I'm the one who gets really grumpy & pissy when he hasn't eaten in a while...:rolleyes: ;)

    as for the job...even though it's really in the other thread...that would suck to have to settle for something u really do not want to do...

    all I can say is just not to give up...it's tough out there...especially now...which is why I'm so freaked out about seeking out another job currently...but I look at it as I at least have something to pay my bills while I am looking...

    as mischief has said to me & here in the threads..."whatever's happening is the right thing"... ;)
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    well if i haven't eaten, and i exercise or even just play golf.... i'll get sick and weak... not grumpy and pissy. haha

    as for job. see other thread. it will continue there, not here. i messed up...
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    Ok, just so that this isn't a three way conversation thread....

    I usually enjoy buttermilk pancakes and sausage on the weekends (Eggo is my friend :D) or blueberry muffins... I can't stand that soy stuff... Every day (well, for the most part) I have black coffee... When the coffee is good (not folgers) drinking it black is the only way to go.

    How do you guys take your coffee, do you drink it at all??? I have a coffee pot on the fridge in my office at work, and another one at home. Plus there is a great coffee stand at the mall just up the street and a few coffee shops even closer to my apartment.
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    I take my coffee with two sugars and milk. We have a filter coffee machine here, which makes a lovely cup. Nice way to force those eyelids open in the morning... :D

    Oh yes, on the weekends i don't bother with breakfast. I rarely get out of bed before mid-day (at the weekends :cool: ), so it'd be slightly late for that. A nice large lunch more than makes up for it though!
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    Well, after about 10am, it goes from being breakfast to brunch... :D... I do that very often on the weekends since I stay up late and get up late too. I don't think there was a single day, while I was on vacation last week, that I got up before 9:30am... that was nice, to just sleep until I didn't need any more. :D

    I make my coffee with the brown filters (unbleached) and get fresh ground beans (either I do it, or I have them ground for the week by the stand in the mall). Now that I like it black, I find the milk and sugar dilutes the taste too much... But coffee is the best way to shock the eyes into opening up, any time of day. :D
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    Mr. Anderson

    Absolutely. I eat them in the afternoon after frisbee after I've burned more than a few calories.

    But check out the ingredients in them. Each one has different vitamins so they might be better for different occasions, you'll have to see. And eye likes those carrot cake ones, way too sweet for me, but you seem to have a sweet tooth, so who knows.

    If you have an REI or Trader Joe's up there, that would most likely be the cheapest and best selection.
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    how bout before frisbee? or during? word. i think i know the answer.

    yeah, perhaps i'd prefer the sweeter ones... but i'll see


    hahahaha. we don't have any health food stores for miles! this is the boonies.

    but, i'll be in the reston area today so if i see a store around there i'll hit it up.

    and i'll grab a beer to go with it.
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    having nutrients is a must before I do any exercise...I've tried weights....biking...even running in the past...on an empty stomach...and it's always been terrible...I end up throwing in the towel at least haflway though...I don't think my body is too happy with me when it has to go into storage for energy...

    as for coffee...I like it made strong...usually 2 heaping spoonfulls to each cup at least...

    I do use equal normally to sweeten...but if I do use sugar I use turbinado sugar...not processed....and some coffee-mate...

    nice...smooth...with a kick! :D :p :D :p
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    yeah, me too. even just playing golf. i got really exhausted and nauseous last time. then a hole later it was gone. weird.

    as for sugar... funny how you won't use processed sugar but you'll use fake sugar with (i don't know how to spell it) saccharin... which is pretty terrible for you.

    what exactly is turbinado sugar? just pure sugar or something?
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    yeah I know...it is a practice I picked up from my ex-girlfriend...she & her mother used equal...and I suppose I've gotten used to it...

    turbinado is the brown, raw sugar u see...it's a little more expensive...and it's not processed like granulated sugar that u buy in those 1 lb packages...

    I'd swear it has a better taste..but who knows for sure?!

    and to add another note...after my exercise routines...whether it's biking, weights, or whatever...I always either go straight for dinner or some sort of protein packed supplement...I've read numerous articles saying it's the best time to eat immediately after...helps the body absorbe the nutrients better... ;)

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