Macs & Pie Throwing

Discussion in 'Community' started by eyelikeart, May 10, 2002.

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    Damn! Damn! Damn!!! :mad:

    I had to leave work early to write a paper for tonite...and I missed all of the fun!!

    so with this thread....I am declaring a free-for-all pie fight!!! :D :eek: :p

    (eyelikeart grabs a chocolate cream pie...looks around....sets his sights on mischief....looking like he's up to something....without hesitation...WHAP!!!)
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    Good technique.....

    I really shouldn't leave those lying around.....

    (Whips a cover from a nearby banquet table......... hundreds of pies arranged by type all laid out glisten with syrupy menace)

    *huge evil grin*

    (Mischief dissappears into a secret passage and heads for the hills!!!)
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    without a doubt it was one of the all-time funniest improvs i've witnessed.

    and you guys threw it down so quickly. i salute you both and will woodshed before i enter the fray....on second thought, i'm not worthy.
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    Ensign Paris

    Ensign picks up his modified G4 Pie Throwing machine and starts to launch 100 gigapies per minute!
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    I'm a big fan of whipped cream so...

    I'll douse everone with an avatar (especially those over 1000 posts) with the really disgusting redi-whip LITE crap because I am insanely jealous.

    Take that.

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    (hand whips out from behind a column.....)

    Two quick throws and ptrauber is knocked into Paris' line of fire.
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    as eyelikeart ducks for cover from ensign's retro-fitted G4 pie hurler...he passes by the table of pies....

    quickly he grabs 2....under the table anxiously awaiting a clear shot....

    :eek: what's this?? ensign's G4 has jammed....thus rendering him powerless...

    eyelikeart quickly bursts out from under the table and full speed ahead towards ensign...

    simultaneously clocking ensign with coconut cream & lemon merangue...

    a small victory for eyelikeart.... :D

    he quickly dashes away as ensign wipes the cream away from his brow...
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    SPLAT!!! A Twinkie splatters up the back of Eye's head and mischief steps back into the shadows with his Twinkie Rifle.

    Coup is now even.:p
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    Am I the only one detecting the undercurrent of homosexual tension in this thread?
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    you want some????:D :eek: :confused: :p :cool:
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    without even trying to be sneaky about...eyelikeart, with a smirk on his face, walks up to tfaz....SPLAT!!!

    right in the face....point blank...
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    I'll thankfully pass on cream all over my face... :(

    ...but "Live and let live," I always say. ;)
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    ugh... Even against my better intentions, I'm caught in the fray. I guess the saying is true:

    "Some are born great, some obtain greatness, and others have pie thrust upon them..."
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    I can help with that!!!!

    a seltzer shot blows away tfaz's disgruntled look and most of the pie filling.

    Yawanna baloon animal kid?:D ;)
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    ...tfaz holds a while, taking in all the humiliation... - ...slowly, he begins taking something out of his pocket...

    ...Eyelikeart & Mischeif look with horror as they see a shiny, silver plated object emerge...

    "GUN!!!", someone yells. ...everyone ducks for cover from this psycho pushed over the edge...

    ...some time passes... "What's he doing up there??"

    ...the brave Mischeif lookes over the tabletop...

    "What's he doing!?!? What's he doing?!?!?"

    ...tfaz seems to be writing on a PDA, but it's a little bigger than your average PDA... Could it be? It is!! ...he's got an iWalk!

    It's REAL!!! Oh GOD! The humanity!

    ...everyone puts down their pies to come over and have a look...
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    ...and then tfaz1 wakes up to realize that it's actually an iPaq!!!

    Seeing this, everyone becomes enraged and focuses all efforts on destroying that device and the one who came in with it.

    ptrauber yells "EAT THIS!" as he hurls a banana cream in tfaz1's direction.

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    ...everyone gathers around...

    Oooh! Ahh! ...lustfull glances all around. Eyelikeart and Mischeif are hypnotized...

    ...all of a sudden tfaz is nowhere to be seen, leaving the iWalk in the unsuspecting hands of Mischeif... Why would he leave this?

    ...without warning the iWalk explodes with a storm of creemy goodness covering all who surround...

    ...a evil, menacing laugh is heard scampering down the hallway...:D
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    ahh yes...yet another exploding Spymac hoax...very clever

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    Just a little device I had Q put together before my last mission. I never thought it was very useful... until today. ;)

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    He shouldn't scamper off like that.

    (There is a distant thump and merengue splatters out of the hall tfaz ran down.)

    Pie Mine........:D
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    ...beaten but not down, tfaz escapes in his EvacuPod...

    You haven't seen the last of me Mischeif... You'll pay for this one day!! Yooooou wiiillll PAAAAAY!!!!!
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    Mr. Anderson

    Standing off to one corner in his PhazeSuit, which renders him invisible and untouchable, Dukestreet watches all the madness and just shakes his head.
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    You're not the only technophile:

    Mischief whips out his Mitsubishi Soviet Scalar radio transmitter and Dukestreet's protective field begins playing "the merrygoround broke down".
    A good caliope version recorded in THX.:D
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    Mr. Anderson

    Re: You're not the only technophile:

    A quick adjustment, and Dukestreet sets up a modulating frequency for the PhazeSuit based on a sequence of very large prime numbers divided by even larger prime numbers. Not even a QuadG5 would be capable of divining the sequence given a year of processing, silence, aaahh.
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    ...Dukestreet remains, thinking he is safe from harm...

    ...but somewhere deep in Old Town, pie probe droids have been deployed...

    ...even now they scour the banks of the Potomic, the place once known as the "Small Mall," and dart in and out of the Metro seeking their target...


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