macs with built in cup holders

Discussion in 'Community' started by phreakout13, Jan 10, 2004.

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    When CD roms stopped using disk caddys, someone my father knew thought the disk tray was a cup holder. Seriously. Wow. Bye.
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    he he

    I once heard that someone got a tortoise and a turtle mixed up.
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    There was a prank call circulating around on the net with a dude trying to get his computer repaired, saying that he had thought the CD drive was a coffee holder, etc.

    Kind of funny.

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    There was an episode of Frasier involving this, as well.
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    I do phone support for Compaq and you would not believe how many people really do believe it is a cupholder. There is a lot of morons out there using computers.
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    that's depressing
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    Lets not forget the man who called tech support saying that after inserting all 8 install disks the computer was still saying insert next disk. The guy forced 8 floppies in the floppy drive of his computer. 8! at what point in time do you say maybe i shouldn't be forcing these in here it's getting rather difficult
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    Holy $4i+ !!

    Ah well, I guess its typical for people like him...I mean after all he is a PC user.

    It's amazing how stupid people are sometime. Aren't you glad you on a Mac?
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    What is, people thinking it's a cup holder, or working for Compaq?
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    there was a little app for windows at one point which was more or less an ad for coca cola which popped open the cd tray and told the user to place their can there.
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    probably both :p;).

    Well, I bet quite of the few that call the customer service are just trying to do a way overdone prank.

    Silly PC users :rolleyes: ;).

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    Powerbook G5

    Now if only the slot drive on my PowerBook could mistakingly become an ATM, I'll be set.
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    Hmm... that gives me an idea... <evil grin> ;)

    "Welcome to Mac OS X. Please insert your card."

    "Thank you. Please enter your PIN."
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    You and me both :D
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    First time i heard a call where someeone thought it was a cupholder i nearly sh*t myself. I seriously thought no one could be that stupid and that it was a prank, but she didnt even know what the tower was... Throughout the call she refered to it as her footrest.

    If i can smuggle the call out of work ill post it. But for real, people who buy Compaqs are retarded.
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    Powerbook G5

    My girlfriend called her old computer a foot rest and her old laptop a butt warmer, but that was mostly after she bought her 15" FP iMac and fell in love with the Macintosh difference.
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    Hmm, maybe that's the reason Apple abandoned the floppy drive years ago, to get ahead of the curve on this type of thing. Or maybe it's 'cuz floppies are virtually useless these days....
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    This beautiful G5 is the finest cup holder in the world, starting at only $1699!

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